Worry Free Teeth & Gums - Gabriala Brown (Audio Only)

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Quickly & Easily Put A Halt To Cavities & Gum Disease
*Insider Dental Secrets You'll Only Read Here*

How to avoid expensive, painful, traditional dental procedures and transform your mouth while giving your teeth and gums the relief they deserve.

Problems in your mouth put a big lifetime pain in your wallet. What can you do? Are you stuck with the typical dental protocol that will leave your mouth and bank account screaming for relief?

You may not know this, but there are two approaches when it comes to taking care of your teeth and gums:

1. MAINSTREAM: Potentially toxic chemicals and permanent destruction/reconstruction of teeth


2. ALTERNATIVE: Non-toxic dentifrices (like Tooth Soap®!) plus addressing the nutritional root cause of dental problems that begin inside the body

"Worry Free Teeth & Gums" is not to be taken to your dentist for evaluation!

It’s not mainstream thinking when it comes to dental care. 

If you are a Tooth Soap® lover or have ever had the following questions, then "Worry Free Teeth & Gums" is for you: 

  • How do I take charge of my dental health?
  • What is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to dental procedures?
  • What if I have a mouth full of dental work right now?
  • Why are the rules changing in the dental world? 
  • What is the real goal of a dental visit?
  • Can I cure cavities on my own?
  • What really causes cavities?
  • Should I get a cavity filled immediately?
  • Why are folks over 40 more susceptible to cavities? 
  • Should I bother taking out mercury fillings?
  • Is the mercury vapor coming off of mercury fillings fake news? 
  • Why are half the dentists no longer using mercury fillings? 
  • What is the number one cavity-fighting tip?
  • How do I protect my teeth over my lifetime? 
  • How exactly do I prevent tooth decay?
  • How are healthy teeth built?
  • What is the ideal cleanser for teeth and gums?
  • What ingredients should be avoided on teeth and gums?
  • How do you break the addition to junky oral care?
  • What natural ingredients should be avoided on teeth?
  • What is the one added ingredient in oral care that will prevent effective remineralization?
  • What can I do about gum pockets?

  • How can I stop my gums from receding as I age?
  • Why haven’t you heard of this before?
  • What can you do about receding gums?
  • Are cavitations real?
  • What is the failure rate of dental procedures?
  • What problems could arise with a dental implant?
  • What are the long-term effects of all dental work?
  • Why is social media causing potential dental disasters?

and much more!

Listen to your copy today, learn the truth about teeth and gums and forget any worries!

Worry Free Teeth & Gums (audio only), read by Gabriala Brown.

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    I couldn't put it down!

    Posted by Miranda Flynn on Jun 13th 2019

    I LOVE YOUR NEW BOOK ON WORRY FREE GUMS! Hi Gabriala! Just read your new book in one afternoon. I couldn't put it down. I have used your toothsoap for years now, maybe 7-8? I am 70 now, my husband is almost 68, and our gums are better than they ever were before. I have so many questions, but first one is how much do you charge for a regular consultation? Thank you for never giving up on this! The mouth surely is the gateway to health! Sincerely, Miranda Flynn