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Water & Salt - The Essence of Life

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This book will transport you into the fantastic world of the two essential elements of water and salt. 

Salt has been used in dental products for hundreds of years and still continues to be a favorite ingredient in oral care. That's why Tooth Soap® Whip and Tooth Soap® Gel are blended together with our favorite Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®.

But there is more to salt than using it for oral care. Salt is the one ingredient that adds everything to a dish without having any scent of its own. Salt is silent until it literally brings some food to life. There is just the right amount of salt and then there's too much. 

Water & Salt - The Essence of Life is critically acclaimed in Europe and gives practical tips for increasing your well-being, finding your physical and emotional balance and achieving unlimited energy.

This is a practical book teaching real life applications:

  • Sole Wraps, Salt Socks and the Salt Shirt Application (176-177)
  • Salt Satchet Applications and Body Peeling (178)
  • Salt Applications for Psoriasis (page 194)
  • Salt Applications for Infectious Skin Diseases (page 191)
  • Salt Applications for Hay Fever (page 204)

Water & Salt - The Essence of Life is a lovely book with beautiful photos on most of the pages.