Warning About Activated Charcoal


A YouTube mommy vlogger brushed her teeth with a capsule
of pure activated charcoal and the video went viral, with 1.5
million views as of this morning.

Then, Fox News Health reported that a dentist warned
against using activated charcoal on teeth.

Michichan-based dentist Dr. Susan Maples told FoxNews.com
“I worry about the long-term effects of a video like this”.

Her concern is the possible erosion that charcoal may
have on the dentin. She doesn’t like that the product is
not an approved dental tool. She is worried that people
will erode their teeth.

I can appreciate her concern, but at the same time,
why does everything we use on our bodies need to be
“approved” by a licensed professional?

Activated charcoal has been used on teeth for over 100 years,
twice as long as dentistry has been subsidized by the US
government. Remember those red swish pills they gave
us in elementary school (last century)? They were subsidized
by the government.

I don’t know of any reports of people seeing erosion on
their teeth from brushing with activated charcoal. In any case,
my Tooth Brights™ formula is much milder than using straight
activated charcoal.

Tooth Brights™, with activated charcoal from coconuts
contains LESS THAN 6% activated charcoal.
The Tooth Brights™ gel base itself contains ZERO abrasives.
If you are concerned about activated charcoal being
abrasive, you need Tooth Brights™.

Tooth Brights™ is my best selling formula right now
and I will continue to use it myself and share it with
others because it beats the tar (pun intended) out of
any typical, abrasive toothpaste or cleanser on the market.

Tooth Brights™ brightens teeth naturally, easily and
especially with no powdery mess. If you have ever brushed
with pure activated charcoal before, you know what I mean.

If you have not tried Tooth Brights™, pick up a jar or bottle
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