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What it is: A Top Drawer Next Level Subliminal Audio with Remineralization Intentions Produced with Love, Clarity and Heart

What you get: 25 minutes

How it's delivered: Download after ordering (this is a digital product only, nothing will be mailed to you)



I've been using hypnosis to heal myself and reduce stress since my first session back in the mid 1980s. 

Subliminal audios have always been my favorite, so now I've created my own with a focus on teeth and gums.

In this subliminal I speak to both the left and right ears and offer suggestions of remineralization to your mind.

Consider how all of us think we should go to the tooth mechanic and wait for the news... will it be good or another bad report?

We are told the only answer is cut, burn and poison.

But the mind is most powerful thing and I believe we can all heal ourselves.

Will we all heal ourselves?


Because it does take a bit of belief in the power of the mind but even if you don't believe it can happen to you, hypnosis still works.

Listen once a day for entertainment and remineralization enjoyment.

Please note that you should always consult a physician before trying anything new.


DISCLAIMER: This audio is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I make no claims or representations for any type of healing, mitigating disease, prevention, or any type of wellness from listening. This is all for fun and entertainment and I have to write this.

All sales are final due to the nature of the product. No refunds will be accepted due to the prolific pirating of audio programs.



Manifesting... ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

It's everywhere... crystals, cards, records...sage burning.

It's always targeted to one thing... MONEY & SUCCESS.

That's the promise in manifesting, it's all business and wealth!

But why the limitations?!

Why are we not manifesting health... ? ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

All the money in the world means little when one has no health.

Let me go further with this concept.

Why are we not manifesting better dental health?! (health of the body begins with the mouth...)

Why do we listen to those thoughts in our brains that tell us we have no control over our cavities, or gum disease and other ailments of the mouth?

Why not use our minds to MANIFEST & CREATE ultimate health in our mouth? ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

There's plenty of science to back up using the mind (hypnosis) to encourage healing (and this is after the fact).

But what if we were ahead of the game and prevented cavities (for example) through subliminal programs, encouraging our mind to heal our enamel daily therefore avoiding drilling and filling?

Awwww....prevention, the hardest thing to sell in the world because it requires a lot of movement on one's part... it requires saying no to a lot of things (and basically lots of willpower).

But what if... the right healing and remineralization was sown into the mind so that cavities don't even stand a chance to take root?

What if all you had to do was just LISTEN and RELAX to train your brain?

What if your mind was focused on remineralizing your teeth and repairing your gum tissue... instead of believing your only option was getting fillings and gum grafting surgery at the dental office?

Dreams do come true and I'm excited to bring this to you.




This entertaining audio program will train your brain to fight cavities, tooth decay and other ailments in the mouth. Use your brain to concentrate on things you want, like perfectly heathy teeth free from any and all tooth decay! We are always worried about the bad report we might get from the dentist, but what if we could be one step ahead, with the proper mindset when it comes to health of the mouth, cavities, gum disease, tooth decay and other issues that would cause the need for yet another dental procedure? We can train our brains to think properly and fight tooth decay every step of the way, all day and every day!


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    One of my favorites

    Posted by Anna Perez, California on Aug 11th 2021

    I love these hypnosis and meditation audios and before I found this one I listened to two others almost daily. Now I've added this one. I love listening to Gabriala before I go to sleep.