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Top Drawer Next Level Hypnosis Holistic Healing (by Gabriala Brown)

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Welcome To The World Of Top Drawer Next Level Hypnosis By Gabriala Brown



Hello there:

I was first hypnotized back when I was 25 because I was so stressed.

My mother was dying of breast cancer and a teacher at a school I was attending offered a free session to see if it would help.

I was eager to try anything outside of mainstream drugs.

My first session was amazing. I even had a vision (that has yet to materialize but I know it will soon).

Not only did that hypnosis calm me down completely, but when I left the office that day after the session, I looked like I had been on a 2 week vacation. My face was so calm and I felt an inner peace inside too. I was hooked and have loved it ever since.

I've been listening to subliminal and other hypnosis audio programs for years and years. When I was certified as a Life Coach, the modality they taught me for my clients' stress relief was guided imagery - hypnosis. I added music and other sensory tools to the mix and put it in overdrive.

Whenever I would create a custom audio for a client, I was always shocked at how well it worked. I could see the change, it was obvious.

I don't know why I was surprised each time (because I know how well it works), but for some reason it still surprises me. Maybe it is more of a delight.

Now I am taking this to another level.

We are going for more than just stress relief, it's all about the teeth and gums now and I am taking a quantum healing approach and going to stimulate your own mind to heal the body all by itself.

We all know that mainstream dental has failed - their only answer is cut, burn and poison.

I propose a more dynamic approach.

Instead of worrying about cavities, gum disease and other mouth ailments, why not think about healing cavities, gum disease and other ailments?

We become what we think about and I have known of this truth for a majority of my life.

Let me guide you to your own inner healing journey that encourages your body to heal itself.

I have created groups of programs.

Pick from one or two subliminals or I can create a CUSTOM program that is unqiue to you and your situation.

Group 1 

  • cavity healing
  • cavity prevention
  • daily effective remineralization of teeth

Group 2

  • gum recession regeneration
  • shrinking of gum pockets

Others have used my audios with great success to help them relax.

There is nothing greater to boost your immune health than by de-stressing and truly relaxing every single day.

I am not a person that meditates. It's my opinion that it's impossible to clear the mind (and no one should even try). That is why I love these audios so much. I can just lie down, listen and relax. I don't have to do anything but just listen, so simple.

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    Posted by Laara on Aug 11th 2021

    She's a genius, I'm so relaxed I can't move my legs!