Tooth Soap® Liquid | Swish Winter (Limited Edition)

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Tooth Soap® Liquid & Tooth Swish™ Powdered Mouth Wash
Limited Edition

Our Best-Selling Tooth Soap® Liquid combined with our amazing Tooth Swish™ will set your oral care plan on an elevated track and begin your journey of taking care of your teeth and gums right.

Brush with Tooth Soap® and freshen up between meals or anytime with Tooth Swish™.

The Ingredients Your Teeth Deserve: Tooth Soap® Liquid contains saponified organic extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil, distilled H2O, culinary activated charcoal from coconuts, organic and/or wild-crafted essential oil.

What it Does: Tooth Soap® deep cleans teeth in a mineral bath of ionic minerals and pure calcium. Wetting ability removes contaminants naturally and easily. The non-abrasive formula super cleans teeth and freshens the mouth.

How to Use: Drop directly into mouth or use a pea-size amount on top of a wet toothbrush and brush as you normally would. Tooth Soap® Liquid is fantastic with the Luxury Brio bamboo electric toothbrush (not included).

When you can't brush, you can still SWISH! Neutralize acids, freshen breath and bath teeth in minerals all in one easy step!

Tooth Swish with ingredients your mouth craves: Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, bicarbonate of soda, above the sea bed coral calcium from the Caribbean, wildcrafted and/or organic essential oils (Plain Jane has ZERO essential oils)

What it Does: Tooth Swish™ neutralizes acids, freshens the mouth, slows formation of tartar and brings mouth flora into balance.

How to Use: Drop a capful directly into mouth and wait a moment for saliva to form, then Swish. Expel in trash, no need to rinse afterward.

Most dental decay is caused by an acidic mouth - Tooth Swish™ neutralizes those acids quickly! 

Himalayan Crystal Salt is known to slow the formation of tartar and prevent cavities and also brings the mouth flora back into a neutral, balanced state.

Hildegard von Bingen recommended using salt for dental hygiene and to prevent bleeding gums - "Water & Salt, The Essence of Life", Dr. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira.

Coral calcium bathes teeth in minerals and essential oils zap any bacteria that is trying to proliferate.

Use after eating or in between meals if you cannot brush.