Tooth Brightener™ Powder Square Amber (LIMITED EDITION)

Marvelous Tooth Care™

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Tooth Brightening Naturally Since 2004

Tooth Brightener™

 INGREDIENTS Tooth Brightener Plain Jane: Coral calcium from the Caribbean, bicarbonate of soda 

 INGREDIENTS Tooth Brightener™ Peppermint: Coral calcium from the Caribbean, bicarbonate of soda, wildcrafted essential oil 

Tooth Soap® contains ZERO abrasives - that means it's vital to “gently remove” color from food deposited on your teeth at least two times a week. Eating healthy foods every day means food stains. So do some drinks. These common food stains can be removed quickly and gently with Tooth Brightener™.

Tooth Brightener™ does more than just remove food stains. It also neutralizes acids in the mouth and bathes the teeth in calcium.

Tooth Brightener™ removes common, everyday food and drink stains and more. Apply directly to your brush or on top of Tooth Soap®. 

Half ounce size. Use at least once a week to keep teeth their brightest!

Instructions: Sprinkle on wet toothbrush and brush teeth gently, avoiding the gums. Rinse. Use once or twice a week. For stubborn stains, make a paste of Tooth Brightener™ and water and apply with a cotton swab, concentrating on the tooth stain.