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The Story of Tooth Soap®

I was a stay-at-home mom trying to wing it alone by purchasing the most natural dental paste I could find in the store. I really wanted to find a natural dental product and plan for my family that wasn't based on the mainstream protocols that contained potentially harmful chemicals. I was worried about my girls getting cavities.

I wanted to be able to escape expensive, uncomfortable, continuous dental procedures and avoid pain in our mouths (and my wallet) and more importantly, I wanted help save my two daughter's teeth and gums.

The thing is, I wasn’t finding any type of natural dental plan. There was nothing out there that I could follow step by step. That meant I wasn’t able to escape expensive, uncomfortable, continuous dental procedures and avoid pain in our mouths (and my wallet), let alone help save my two daughter's teeth and gums.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because one day my daughters asked me why we weren't going to the dentist. They saw a cartoon of a character in the dental chair and learned about fluoride. I felt even worse about the situation because as I was trying to do my best to protect them from potentially harmful chemicals, but at the same time, I could be harming them by not providing a good alternative. I felt like I was letting my girls down which gave me a stomach ache. I needed to find a solution quickly, but from where would it appear?

The problem was that back in the early 2000's, alternative health care was not like it is today. It wasn’t mainstream in any way and I was feeling more desperate as the days went by as my own personal research for a natural dental plan was not showing anything. I've been on this path for decades, going against the grain often in a toxic society for quite some time. But I had hit a wall when it came to the dental issues, which worried me because every day that went by without me implementing a real plan, I was putting my girl's teeth and gums at risk. We ate healthy but I was concerned it wasn't enough..

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

That's when I read a health newsletter and discovered a dental protocol from a scientist back in 1997 who spoke all about brushing teeth with the best thing to prevent cavities and gum disease!

It was now crystal clear to me how to cleanse teeth and gums thoroughly, because after reading the doctor’s book, I saw I could finally relax as I had a real plan for teeth and gums for my girls and I was so excited I wanted to share it with the world!

I also learned that what we are taught by mainstream dental is not sufficient, you need to take your dental health into your own hands instead of relying soley on the dentist instead.

As a result I started brushing with a bar of regular soap (yeah, it was gross) because it was evident that even a bar was better than regular toothpaste.

After I did that, I started writing a book that listed an easy, three-step protocol anyone could follow to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.

Suddenly, I was publishing my second digital book on my amateur website (my first book published in 1998 was about how to lose weight after having a baby).

My plan was to start developing a line of soap-based organic oral care.

So I started brainstorming ideas about different essential oils and which ones were the most beneficial for gums. But I didn’t stop there.

It was a time of serendipity... I then met a master soap maker and told her about an idea I had for a soap based oral care product.

Ater consulting with the scientist that wrote the book on the natural dental protocol I discovered, we finalized the formulas.

But there was still a problem...

How would I ever convince people to actually buy this product? Even though I knew it was ideal beyond ideal, it was a crazy concept. Even though it was endorsed by a reputable cancer and fluoride researcher of 40 years and I had thousands of clients who trusted me 100%, how would this end up? I was using the product and loving it myself. My teeth and gums never felt so clean and I said, "If no one wants to buy it, so what? I will have a lifetime supply of the best oral care in the world!" But there were those nagging moments that my idea of bringing this oral care to the world would not pan out. What if they think I'm nuts, what if, what if?! The good news was that I had only allowed myself to invest $100. If it didn't work, I didn't put my family at risk with another entrepreneurial endeavor. I was focused on making the product with "individual servings". There were several different ways I tried to make the oral care just right but it wasn't happening. 

We ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to shred it and hope the clients would appreciate the little shavings of super duper cleansing power (even though I knew it was the most bizarre concept ever on the dental care scene).

We chose to call it “Tooth Soap®”. 

We thought if we could create something that would make it possible to help a person avoid cavities, gum disease and reduce their dental visits, we’d be really happy.

After using Tooth Soap® for a couple of weeks, I was able to address the tartar problem I have dealt with my whole life. I was blown away at Tooth Soap®’s ability to blast plaque and soften tartar to the the point it is whisked away easily. My teeth never felt so clean and they were silky smooth to the point I looked forward to brushing!

I could now take care of my oral health and not worry about a negative report. 

I then started to let other families use Tooth Soap®.

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

After sending out an email newsletter to my client list introducing Tooth Soap®, the first 50 jars sold out immediately. We made another 100 jars and they sold out too. Shortly after that we were breaking ground on a little factory in Oregon City, Oregon. Since that time, countless people in the USA and all over the world have benefited from this 100% natural dental plan and our oral care. We were able to carve a niche in an already existing market and literally disrupt the toxic mainstream dental protocols. We've put power back into people's hands along with more money into their wallets. Who doesn't want to have better teeth, healthier gums and more cash to play with?

After creating Tooth Soap®, I was not only able to provide a real, non-toxic product that was effective for the entire family, I’ve also been able to stop worrying about what would happen (if) and when I chose to go to the dentist to check on things, because we can now have a comprehensive, proven plan that is so simple that anyone can follow it.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to feel confident that not only is my family using the best oral care to keep their teeth and gums healthy for life but tens of thousands of others are also benefiting which means the world to me.

Thank you for reading and for visiting!

Gabriala Brown

Tooth Soap® and Marvelous Tooth Care™