Stainless Tube Mini Tartar Flicking Tools

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Is the plaque in your mouth working overtime?

Maybe you are an "overachiever" when it comes to tartar formation? If you don't brush all surfaces of your teeth, if you skip brushings or even if you happen to eat a diet high in minerals, you might get more tartar in certain areas in your mouth, particularly behind the bottom front teeth and the upper back molars. It's because the salivary glands are located there. When mineral-rich saliva mixes with bacteria it forms poorly shaped crystals that stick to teeth and they literally have to softened (Tooth Soap® works for that) or be chipped away with tools. 

The simple way to get rid of tartar is to "FLICK" it off of the teeth with a quick movement. An amazingly gentle dental hygienist taught me this trick. The tartar should snap off with a quick flick of the tool. Never use a sharp pick directly on the surface of the teeth as it can cause holes that catch food debris and cause cavities. Use the tools gently with the only goal of being to get that hardened tartar off of your teeth and away from your gums.