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Shred Tooth Soap® + Super-Charged Minerals Swing Bail

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Super Cleansing, Mineral-Bathing, Plaque Blasting and Absolutely AMAZINGLY SPECIAL! In the MOST ECO-Conscious 100% REUSABLE CONTAINER YET!
SAVE the Whales! SAVE the Turtles! Stop giving sea animals plastic for supper!

SUPER LIMITED - This is no hype. It takes 5-6 weeks to produce these *Fantastic*, super cleansing, plaque blasting, gum loving, dental cleaning visit reducing, BEST SELLING, ALMOST CONSTANT SELL OUT (no lie!) SINCE 2003 Tooth Soap® SHREDS! Whoop, whoop!!! Get EXCITED about brushing your teeth again! Tooth Soap® is here and it's better than ever! 

All the cleansing power of non-abrasive Tooth Soap® and even more goodness from macro and micro ionic minerals that bathe teeth every time you brush.

Shreds are what started it all... and this Shred is the newest one yet! Tooth Soap® Shreds last a good long time, so long we can't believe how long they last when our customers tell us! It really depends on how often you brush your teeth - the amount of Shreds are plentiful in the jar, we don't count them, we only stuff the jars and make sure they weigh correctly. This jar could last one person 5-6 months.

Our Most Powerful and Economical Cleanser for Teeth and Gums now infused with MINERALS!

Can we talk about these MINERALS?!
Our minerals are special as they are edible, rare, all natural and provide macro, micro and trace mineral nutrients plus+ they also detoxify many harmful particulates, pathogens, bacteria and other toxins. They are infused into the Shreds giving your teeth super cleansing plus a mineral bath at the same time!

Tooth Soap® Cleans teeth, gums, zaps plaque and deep cleans fissures and pits in teeth and the gumline (a common place for cavities):
  • Tooth Soap® Removes oils, residue and other contaminants from teeth ...
  • Therapeutic essential oils nourish gums ...
  • Made with organic foods, natural and wildcrafted sustainable ingredients and No Palm Oil ...
  • Manufactured in the USA ...
  • Economical and saves you money at the dentist because check ups will be better ...
  • Can be used with braces and on dentures ...
  • Recommended by dentists and endorsed by many health experts ...

ONE OUNCE OF SHREDS (just like in our Original Shreds)

Ingredients Shreds PeppermintSaponified Olea europaea (organic extra virgin olive oil) and cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil), distilled water, edible ionic minerals, coral calcium from the Caribbean and wildcrafted essential oil from the Pacific Northwest

Ingredients Shreds Plain Jane: Saponified Olea europaea (organic extra virgin olive oil) and cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil), distilled water, edible ionic minerals and coral calcium from the Caribbean



We love Italian food! How about you?! We rinse well with H20 after eating first, wait a while and then brush. That's the best way. Brush with SHREDS about 20-30 minutes after enjoying all those tangy sauces and delicious herbs. That's how you do it!!!

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  • 5
    Shreds with Minerals

    Posted by F is for Francis on Aug 28th 2019

    I am loving the new Tooth Soap Shreds Plus with Minerals. Easy to use, and I can feel less plaque on my teeth than a month ago. I'm hooked!

  • 5
    tried different brands of 'soap' but nothing came close...

    Posted by Carol on Jun 26th 2019

    Thank you for providing this amazing product...I was at a loss when you moved and I couldn't get it...tried different brands of 'soap' but nothing came close...And thank you for providing such caring customer service...Blessings, Carol