QRF (Quick Relief Formula)

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QRF™ (Quick Relief Formula)
Since 2004

All natural, 100% pure tamanu oil is blended with POWERFUL and therapeutic essential oils for a super reparative, soothing and cooling experience. Not tested on animals, and made in the USA.

Stop the pain in that place, ASAP! You know what we are talking about. When you have a problem there, nothing can relieve the pain fast enough. There's almost no position you can put yourself into that will ease up the nagging, irritating, constant pain. The only relief you may get may be committing yourself to a sitz bath (all day long).

But who has time for constant sitz baths that only offer temporary (really temporary!) relief? 

If you have tried everything under the sun to take care of that irritation and you still have not received the relief you so desperately need, QRF™ is for you.

Every person that tries QRF™ says the same thing and that is that the stuff works overnight.

QRF™ is literally a miracle worker because of the QUICK action it takes.

Try just one application and you'll feel a difference after the first application, GUARANTEED.

What are they saying about QRF™?

"This product changed my life. I had an an** fissure from my last pregnancy and could not find ANYTHING that would give me relief. I was in so much pain that sometimes I wanted to die. It hurt when I stood or sat, and only soaking in a hot tub brought a bit of relief. I tried literally everything on the market and spent hundreds of dollars on creams, ointments and suppositories that were a waste of money. I was desperate to find something that would help my body heal the fissure so that I would not have to resort to a risky surgical procedure. QRF™ was the ONLY product that helped me get relief once and for all. That was 3 years ago and since then, my fissure is very manageable. If I get an occasional flare up, I know I have the QRF™ near by to encourage the healing process. There is no down time and I no longer have to soak in the tub all day. Another great thing is that QRF™ is made with all natural ingredients. I highly recommend QRF™ if you have problems with hemorr*hoids or fissures." – RC, Brooklyn, NY

"QRF gives me the relief I need when I need. I don't want to be without a bottle in the house." - Maria A, California

Once you have your bottle of QRF you are ready for STEP TWO in this natural but effective protocol.

There's more to the story, see the case study from Jamie Brown below.

Get complete relief once and for all!


Case study: Jamie Brown

I thought ongoing hemorrhoids pain was inevitable...

I was dead wrong!

I changed two bad hemorrhoid habits and years of pain ended in days

Simple, well-chosen food plan was all it took

I used to have hemorrhoids.

Swollen, painful, bleeding, hemorrhoids.

People make jokes about the condition. That’s okay… but I didn’t find it funny.

The reality was too painful to ever laugh about.

I spent 2 years trying ointments and treatments for the condition. I had two surgeries.

I wanted more than anything for my hemorrhoids to just go away.

Everything I tried ended in disappointment.

Perhaps it’s the same for you. Many hemorrhoids sufferers spend their lives trying to manage this painful, sometimes distressing, occasionally embarrassing problem.

Just over a year ago I stumbled upon something that pretty much turned my world upside down.

Quite by chance, I found out that the causes of hemorrhoids were better understood than I realized.

And that although conventional medicine was struggling to deal with the condition… some other practitioners were getting near-100% clear-up rates.

They were getting these results within days.

Not months.

Not weeks.


At first, I didn’t believe that my hemorrhoids – which I’d had for so long – could be permanently remedied so quickly.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

Here’s what happened…