QRF (Quick Relief Formula) Earache

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QRF™ (Quick Relief Formula)


All natural, 100% effective, non-greasy QRF™ Earache formula is the formula I use personally to deal with itchy and sometimes painful earaches.

I have sinuses that get irritated easily and sometimes it leads to mild ear pain and infections. 

The morning I was awakened by a sharp pain in my right ear, I immediately grabbed my QRF™ (Quick Relief Formula) Earache, put in a couple of drops and felt the pain dissipate slowly, but surely.

How does this compare to other earache remedies?

It's known that olive oil is a good ear remedy but I found it to be too messy.

That's why I love this formula.

It works great and there's no oily residue left behind (on my hair or neck).

This formula works quickly without leaving any oily mess to clean up.

QRF™ is literally a miracle worker because of the QUICK action it takes.

Try just one application and you'll feel a difference after the first application, GUARANTEED.

How to use: Drop 1-2 drops into ear and lie on your side to let the solution soak in. 

Ingredients: Alcohol, distilled vinegar, flower essences

1 ounce amber glass bottle