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The Secret Ingredient™


The world’s first and only, truly organic, yeast-free, mineral-rich vegetable broth powder ready to enhance foods naturally and easily. Can’t stop the ramen soups? Use The Secret Ingredient™ instead as the base and add your favorite noodles, zoodles and other favorite soup additions! Nancy Owen says, “I bought some and love it! I’ve used it in stew and soup and gave some to my mother to use. She loves it too! So good!”

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Out of stock – we are working on new packaging again. The ECO packaging was not airtight and The Secret Ingredient™ got clumpy.

THE SECRET INGREDIENT™ – Nutritious and Delicious and ready to enhance all your savory dishes with whole foods!

Mindy Theroux “OH yes, this is fabulous! Yeast free and tasty. I would use my Instant Pot®, and mix in broth, beans, garlic, onions, wild mushrooms and THE SECRET INGREDIENT! Easy meal! Great health.”

It’s not only about fantastical taste though.
This broth and seasoning mix is loaded with nutrients that are beneficial to teeth and gums.
Ditch the MSG broth cubes and powders for good!

“Tastes incredible. I plan to order enough to never run out.” Sincerely, Miranda Flynn

We make no medical claims about any of our products. Our chosen ingredients in this outrageously delicious formula are combined for a reason.

Brushing your teeth is half of your dental health. The other half is providing mineral rich foods for your body. The Secret Ingredient™ is a super tasty way to get whole food nutrition in.

Broth is the most commonly used ingredient in the kitchen but the cubes and powders are loaded with processed salt, MSG and other nasty chemicals.

In college, many students live off of “instant” ramen noodle soups. These are made from such low quality ingredients it is practically a crime to call them food. How can students really study without proper nutrition?

The Secret Ingredient™ is made from nutrient dense organic whole foods. Every time you add The Secret Ingredient™ to your dishes, you are boosting the taste and goodness of your food!

The Secret Ingredient™ has 7 amazing ingredients and everyone needs at least ONE package in their kitchen.

Toss the toxic broth concoctions and treat your body to The Secret Ingredient™ instead!

Sprinkle it on food before cooking, make a broth with it or add it to any savory dish you want to add more nutrition and fantastic taste!

Ingredients: Organic Onion (3x), Organic Garlic (2x), Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, Organic Parsley root, 9x roasted Korean Bamboo Salt, Organic Parsley and Terramin

4 ounces of The Secret Ingredient™ is packed in an eco-friendly, lightweight cardboard container with a shaker/pour top.

The Secret Ingredient™ and Tooth Soap® are certified kosher by Oregon Kosher.

Simple Smoked Salmon Quiche (or Frittata)

I called this dish a quiche but it is more of a frittata. Whatever you want to call it, it goes great with a side salad and a dressing made with The Secret Ingredient™.

Simple Tuna Salad

Imagine tasty tuna without the mayo! Try this quick and simple, 3-ingredient recipe that also works with a can of sardines. :-)

Simple Broccoli Soup (using the Simple Potato Soup Base)

The potato soup base is ready to envelope your favorite vegetables and even meats! Today I marry broccoli and potato soup. It's the perfect match!

Simple Potato Soup & Base

My family and friends love this potato soup so much I make it regularly. Using The Secret Ingredient makes it so easy! Try it and you may never want to open a box or can of ready made soup again!

Simple Roast

Simple cooking makes your life easier and that is why The Secret Ingredient™ is your best friend in the kitchen!

Simple Chicken Legs

The simplest and most economical dish you can make! Little chicken legs with The Secret Ingredient™ are delicious and nutritious. Add a side of rice or root vegetables for a whole food tasty meal that will give you and your family extra nutrients and simple joy!

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