Original Tooth Soap® Kit

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IT'S BACK! The Original 3 Piece Liquid Kit with The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth that has THREE EASY STEPS to help you to seriously fight cavities and gum disease! 

This very special Tooth Soap® offer includes your choice of these popular flavors: Peppermint, Spearmint, Citrus or Plain Jane Liquid Tooth Soap®, a coordinated Tooth Swish™, a Plain Jane Tooth Brightener™ and you also get a FREE COPY of The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth for ONE LOW PRICE SAVING YOU MONEY!

Here's What You Get...

This is a COMPLETE KIT to get you started on your way to a non-toxic and effective, natural approach to taking care of your teeth and gums for life.

Liquid Tooth Soap®‘s non-toxic formula deep cleans your teeth and gums, just like a tooth cleanser should!

Tooth Swish™ neutralizes acids, freshens breath and can be used between brushings!

Tooth Brightener™ brightens your teeth and removes the most common every day food and drink stains!

My personal dental health guide (The Perfect Prescription audio and video) reveals a NATURAL APPROACH to taking care of your teeth and gums and includes a STEP-BY-STEP at home protocol with recommendations for food and supplements that boost dental and whole body health. 

Start Saving Right Now!

To order this COMPLETE KIT, just pick your favorite flavor.







If you're interested in a natural approach to dental hygiene rather than shelling out big bucks to the guys and gals with white coats and hooked, stainless steel instruments in their gloved hands, here is a natural alternative for you: "The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth".

This audio program packs a powerful health wallop and reveals a natural approach to taking care of your teeth and gums that may well keep you out of your dentist's office for the rest of your life.

Your teeth will be so clean and healthy you can fully expect to take them to the grave with you without ever having to go to a dentist again.

Do You Eat Food? Of course, you do. Everybody who eats knows how important it is take care of their teeth.

  • But, unfortunately, most people never give a thought to an alternative to traditional dental "care," the "care" that involves Checkups and "cleanings" twice a year ...
  • Potentially dangerous mercury fillings for cavities ...
  • Root canals for dying teeth ...
  • $800 crowns for dead teeth ...
  • Braces so expensive you need an installment plan to pay for them ...
  • Extractions ...
  • Gum surgery ...

... and so on until both your mouth and your wallet want to scream for relief.

Well, one mother has discovered a method involving simple, natural steps that anyone can take on a daily basis to avoid cavities while building healthy teeth and gums. This natural approach beats the tar out of the dentist's chair and expensive, painful, traditional dental procedures that may possibly cause as many problems as they solve.

Look what you will discover in "The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth", a natural dental hygiene resource that belongs in the library of health seekers everywhere.

In this AUDIO program you'll learn:

  • What personal product you're using daily that is ruining your teeth and gums as well as a natural replacement that'll rebuild your damaged enamel and soft tissue. 
  • The one liquid that prevents cavities and how you can use it to achieve perfect dental checkups everytime. 
  • The only thing that cleans teeth/gums effectively. Your spouse/companion will find your mouth/lips kissable again. 
  • Why your teeth are sensitive and how a simple technique can solve that problem so you can enjoy ice cream and cold drinks again without pain. 
  • How to get rid of gum pockets by avoiding this one thing. Just think, no more threats from the dentist about expensive and painful surgery for receding gums. (pg. 
  • Why bad teeth are NOT genetic and how you can help your children remain free of cavities for life. 

Bothered by gum problems, cavities, and osteoporosis?

  • The surprising foods that really help your teeth and gums, foods that taste good, too. 
  • The one ingredient NO ONE is talking about that prevents osteoporosis.
  • How dental visits may cause cavities.
  • Learn the questions to ask your dentist before accepting traditional procedures. 
  • What alternative health professionals have no idea about. 
  • Whether or not you really need a multivitamin daily.
  • How deficiencies of a strict vegan diet may lead to serious tooth and gum problems and what you must do to regain health in your mouth. 

"The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth" reveals easy, inexpensive steps to ...

  • Saving LOTS of $$$ money on toothpaste, mouthwash and other dental hygiene products
  • Developing strong, decay resistant teeth and perfect gums for life
  • Taking supplements properly so your body will absorb the nutrients
  • Building antibody structures that kill viruses and bacteria
  • Getting rid of bad breath for good and more!

In fact, there's A LOT MORE, but you get the idea. You must get a copy now if you want to take the natural route to better teeth and gums.

"The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth" is in the hands of thousands of people who are now saving $$$$ on dental bills!