NEW - Pure & Flawless Brightening Shreds (ECO burlap bag + bamboo toothbrush)

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100% Non-Offensive Tooth Soap® In Our Earth Loving Packaging…

This is the perfect Shred in a container that is 100% non-offensive to the world (and those that understand that oral care is a huge contributor to the plastic problem we have on Earth).

But let’s begin with happy clients that continue to report GOOD NEWS using Tooth Soap®!

Unsolicited and non-automated testimonials continue to report that our Shreds are doing their magic in mouths across the world.

Posted by Amber on Nov 16th 2019

Amazing product! This has helped reduce my cavities sooo much. I heard that glycerin in toothpaste can cause cavities so a few years ago I switched to this product and it definitely helped! Not to mention it gives such a good clean feeling better than any toothpaste can give you. I ran out of it a few months ago and figured I could use Dr. Bronners soap as a substitute for a while until I could get around to repurchasing... and low and behold I ended up with a ton of cavities out of no where. But once I switched back I went back to being cavity free. (I still had to fill the current cavities but I didn’t get any new ones, this is an amazing preventative) I’ve learned my lesson I will never be without this product again!

What joy it brings us to hear such wonderful results! 

No cavity!
Posted by Grace Elle on Nov 12th 2019:
“Woop woop, had my first dental check since 2015. No cavity! I will keep on using the whip and the Tooth Brights (with activated charcoal).”

We know how rockin’ the Tooth Brights™ formulas are, especially our new Tooth Brights™ SHREDS! It’s all about non-abrasive, tooth shining, gum loving activated charcoal goodness Shreds for brighter teeth and happier gums!

So we got to formulating a SHRED that everyone could use (and almost no one would ever be offended by)

Introducing our new PURE & FLAWLESS *super cleansing* BRIGHTENING SHREDS for AMAZING teeth & gums!

This tooth brightening and super cleansing formula will knock the socks off any plaque and tartar, bathe teeth in miraculous activated charcoal that gives a one-two punch to bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles in the mouth making it easy to wash them away.

And if you are taking any sensitive homeopathic substances, this Tooth Soap® won’t interfere one bit. See how non-offensive this formula is?

And it gets even better (if that's possible)!

This container is so eco-friendly there won’t be once ounce of guilt in your bones about filling up the landfills because it would break down in your backyard easily (if you buried it). It’s made from breathable, scentless, burlap.

Even the toothbrush that is included (for free) is made from bamboo and won’t contribute to the plastic problem. So those of you that love the ocean and want to keep sea creatures from becoming bloated with plastic will appreciate this. I’m not making fun of this horrific plastic problem but instead, trying to shed some light on it and reduce contributing to it at the same time.

For a limited time get Tooth Soap® in the cool, grey burlap BAG with a Bamboo (tooth)Brush!



Saponified Olea europaea (organic extra virgin olive oil) and cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil), distilled water, activated charcoal from coconuts 

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    fell in love...

    Posted by Erin on Nov 25th 2019

    While on vacation with my friend, I was able to use her Shreds and fell in love. I chose the grape-flavored gel for the kids to try. They are used to me making their toothpaste so I’m sure this will be a step up from that! Lol.  So excited to have found you!