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Myths of Tooth Decay

Was: $1,000,000.00
Now: $5.95
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The Million Dollar Info of the Myths of Tooth Decay truly:

  • Set the natural oral care world ABLAZE back in 2003
  • Still stands as the best discovery IGNORED by mainstream dental (because it's not profitable for them)
  • Sets a person free by giving them the truth about a topic that is a billion dollar industry and growing

Get the truth and feel the FREEDOM that comes with gaining knowledge and putting the power into YOUR HANDS.

Does it make any sense that the mainstream dental protocol sold to us for the last 70 years is not helping teeth and gums but actually harming them long term (while the industry continues to grow)? With dental implant and other procedures expected to rise?

Audio and Video digital program.
(phone not included)


Quick program - you won't be listening or watching for hours. Who has time for that?