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My Favorite Plant Powders

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Nothing brings me back to feeling whole and complete more than JUICING! But with all the COVID madness still going on... and the fact that my local grocery store is not stocked like it used to be, I've turned to vegetable powder alternatives and they have been saving my cells and giving me well days. I'm back to my energetic self again, waking up at the crack of dawn with the birds with clarity and going through my day swiftly and effectively. I don't drink anything with stimulants but juice is what reves me up and this trio packs a powerful punch for me daily.

Does anyone eat enough greens? I can't eat all greens that are available because some can bother my stomach and they are bitter on my tongue. But these perfect greens made from specially grown barley plants harvested at night to keep them at the peak of their nutrition are pure heaven in my tummy. And they are naturally sweet, not bitter or fishy like some other green powders.

Colon cleanse anyone? The super detoxifying herbs and fiber sweep out the intestines in the most effective way in this one of kind colon and internal body cleansing formula. I've used this product to detox since 1998 and it never ceases to amaze me how effective it is.

These four products are such a winning combination for overall health, wellness, energy and mind clarity. They are my top health and wellness pick for everyone! Kids love these powders too. This is a 3-4 month supply for the average person. It depends on how much you want to eat of these tasty and nutritious plants.

Ingredients #1: Barley grass specially harvested at night that will clear the mind in the morn...

Ingredients #2: Carrots so delicious they're better than candy...

Ingredients #3: Beets so circulatingly beneficial for the heart it just whistles and sings...

Ingredients #4: Herbs of various kinds that your intestines will adore (and get into shape for...)

All powders are tested to be free from pesticides and herbicides. This package ships FREE. If you order Tooth Soap® along with these powders, shipping charges will be added for the Tooth Soap® only. These vegetable powders will not ship with your Tooth Soap® order.

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