Min-Oral™ Body Remineralizer 9x Roasted Bamboo Salt

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Our purified and mineral rich Min-Oral™ with 9x Roasted Bamboo Salt can be taken in water or added to cooking for a delicious taste!

(8 ounce glass bottle)

Ingredients: 4 step filtration purified water and 9x Roasted Bamboo Salt

A new salt for the world

Manufacturing with Himalayan crystal salt, exclusively, has been my thing for years, because I knew how contaminated sea salt was. And this was before the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

When I was contacted by my partners in Korea about ‘bamboo salt’, I was intrigued, to say the least.

The process of purifying bamboo salt is intense! It goes through the fire, literally, nine times. What is left is pure salt, loaded with minerals. This salt is so dense in minerals that it is used to combat tooth decay in Korea. I am told the children eat bamboo salt on a spoon, like candy. Oh, if I could only get the children in America to eat bamboo salt instead of candy!

Imagine what that would do? No more obesity, sickness, diabetes, heart disease and more. Sugar can eventually lead to dis-ease in the body, but the right salt can facilitate healing. Good, clean salt is so important, it is almost a superfood. I am super excited to bring this bamboo salt to you, for your good health and happiness.

Liquid Tooth Soap® Grape with 9x Roasted Bamboo Salt and The Secret Ingredient™ contain mineral dense bamboo salt, and I highly suggest you make soup another defense in your health arsenal.

When we do not give our bodies enough minerals our bones and teeth become the source. It's vital to give your body the minerals it needs to maintain healthy teeth and bones.

Take Min-Oral 9x Roasted Bamboo Salt in water once a day or use it in cooking instead of regular table salt. It tastes delicous on savory foods. It even tastes yummy on fruit!

What is bamboo salt?

Bamboo salt is a health salt made using Korean Sun-dried Sea Salt from the Yellow Sea coast of Korea. To make bamboo salt, first, cut joints of bamboo are filled with sea salt, and then the ends of the pole are sealed with clay.

The bamboo poles filled with sea salt and sealed with clay are then put on the fire, an iron kiln, made with pine. As a result, the bamboo is incinerated into ashes and a salt pillar remains. The salt pillar is shattered, and the process is repeated 8 more times and the 9th time, using resin as a material, the salt is melted into liquid by heating it to 1,300`C. When the liquid cools off, it hardens like a rock. This bamboo salt and can be crushed into flour or grains. It can be used cooking or by dissolving the grains with your saliva.

This processing method of salt was published by Kim, ll-hoon (1909-1992) in the Daehan Pictorial from November 1971 to July 1972 in a series. The method of producing bamboo salt was introduced to the public in his book “The Universe and God’s Medicine”.