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Good Teeth Birth To Death – The Prescription For Perfect Teeth Revised Edition

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Now: $12.95
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Dr. Judd’s famous book that includes the soap brushing protocol for the world is back in print! Page 34 lists the steps for everyone on earth to have perfect teeth and gums for life.

Dr. Gerard F. Judd, cancer and fluoride researcher of 40 years wrote his revised copy of “Good Teeth Birth To Death”. Dr. Judd was a man of humility and you can feel it when he writes. “Almost everything which anybody on earth does or writes needs to be revised. Knowledge increases, ignorance wanes.” – Dr. Gerard F. Judd

It’s true that things we do and write need to be revised. But some truths stand the test of time and Dr. Judd’s book “Good Teeth Birth To Death” is one of those books that contains the truth that cannot be denied.

Tooth Soap® was based on Dr. Judd’s recommendation of using only soap to brush teeth and gums and the original formulas were discussed with Dr. Judd as we looked to him for advice on the best soap to make.

After bringing back soap-based oral care to the world for the last 15 years and having so many prefer it because of all the benefits, we agree even more with what Dr. Judd shared in his book “Good Teeth Birth To Death”.

Every home needs to have a copy to read and remind them they have the power to take charge of their dental health.

This book is a classic and has been out of print for a decade but now is back to help you have good teeth and gums for life!

Dr. Judd’s book is all about science and the data.

His revised book “Good Teeth Birth To Death” is a must have for everyone to understand the composition of teeth and how they are affected by chemicals and nutrition.

There is also information about dementia from dentistry and his studies about fluoride, fluorosis and more.

This book is a classic and has been out of print for a decade but now is back to help you have good teeth and gums for life!

Get Dr. Judd’s book today, but not for $80 or $70 or even $50. 

You don’t need to pay those outrageous prices for this valuable information.

Regularly $15.95, Dr. Judd’s book is now on sale for $12.95 (plus shipping).

My main goal with publishing this book is to get the info out there. Because people are continuing to suffer with gum disease, decay and tooth loss and do not have to. 

Knowledge is power and Dr. Judd has spelled it out for us as simple as can be.

Dr. Judd's book makes a great gift and is a perfect companion for all reading rooms.