Dr. Tung's Oil Pull Concentrate (Herbalized Sesame Oil)

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Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend Oil Pulling as part of your daily routine. Dr. Tung's Oil Pulling Concentrate helps soothe and moisturize the mouth, and helps remove certain harmful bacteria whilst balancing the oral microbiome (unlike many mouth rinses that indiscriminately kill bacteria). Research indicates that Oil Pulling can reduce plaque and improve gingival health. DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate is made from organic sesame oil, as recommended in traditional Ayurveda, and contains 24 wild-harvested botanical ingredients for greater efficacy in a shorter time. Oil Pulling is gaining recognition in the health industry, and Dr. Tung's Oil Pulling Concentrate puts you at the forefront of developments in natural oral care. Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend OIL PULLING as part of your daily routine, to strengthen teeth and gums, help with mouth dryness and other oral conditions. Sesame oil is specifically mentioned for its subtle, penetrating, preventive and balancing effects. Unlike some other oil pulling products, DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate does not contain mint and is not a few essential oils to provide flavor, but is an ancient recipe of selected plants and botanicals chosen for their treatment qualities and carefully prepared in organic sesame oil.

Use oil pull formulas first, then brush with Tooth Soap® afterwards to remove the oils that can prevent good remineralization.