Dr Tung's Activated Charcoal Floss

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For years we've loved and sold Dr. Tung's amazing oral care products!

We love it when a company continues to innovate and Dr. Tung's has done that with this new floss like no other!

Dr. Tung's NEW charcoal floss with Lemongrass is fantastically refreshing!

What was even more amazing is that the packaging is as ECO as you can get!

The entire package is made from paper with a tiny metal piece to cut the floss. The packaging is GENIOUS and oh so environmentally friendly. 

When it comes to cleaning between teeth, irrigation is number one, then flossing and/or interdental brushing. Not all pockets or areas of teeth are cleaned by irrigation so flossing steps in. And for some people, they need to floss no matter what and that is why we carry this SUPERB floss from Dr. Tung's!

You must try this new floss from Dr. Tung's, you'll love it, guaranteed!