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Dental Implant Brush - For Deep Cleaning Gums

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The best gum cleansing brush available today.

  • THE IMPLANTCLEAN is the revolutionary new, patented toothbrush 
  • Designed with vertically-offset heads to clean 360 degrees around the tooth
  • Access implants and fit under fixed prostheses, between implants, and into sulci and peri-implant crevices, better than any other tooth


  • Waxed floss can leave wax residue on implants, crowns, bridges and natural teet
  • Floss can cause peri-implantitis, by shredding on an implant's surface and leaving floss fibers behind, some even microscopic 
  • Both can initiate foreign body reactions, resulting in disease

Cleanse your natural teeth and dental work the right way using a brush that cleans 360 degrees around the tooth surface and deep cleans the gum line. Avoid residue, floss shedding and foreign body reactions by cleaning teeth correctly with the right tools.

ImplantClean™ is totally new, innovative and will change the way you brush your teeth, clean your gums and all dental work.

This tool works amazing with Liquid Tooth Soap®!