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Delta Dental Insurance Info

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There's no doubt that brushing with Tooth Soap® and following the natural dental protocol given to us by Dr. Judd is the BEST thing one can do to save their teeth and gums for life.


Not everyone has had the opportunity to discover the truth about dental care and prior to arriving at, they have had a MOUTH FULL of dental work.

Once dental work has been performed, maintenance becomes mandatory because NO PROCEDURES ARE PERMANENT.

One procedure leads to another and many times the procedure itself can fail, leading to even more dental work.

We now have access to dental insurance (for those that want it).

I spent the time to get licensed in Life and Health insurance and can now write your policy so you can get help with implants, crowns, bridges and other dental procedures that lead to consistent maintenance.

If you are ready for a dental policy, put this into your cart and I will be in touch.

- Gabriala Brown





Does my dentist accept this?

A fundamental question for consumers shopping for dental insurance is “Will my dentist take my coverage?” because insurance is only as good as dental professionals who accept it. In other words, how good are a plan's dental benefits if they're rejected by your preferred dentist and oral surgeon and orthodontist?


Delta Dental has the distinction of being the single largest dental insurance provider in the United States with over 80 million people enrolled across the plans offered by Delta Dental entities. The company leverages this scale of enrollees to attract a large number of dentists to their networks. According to the company, 128,000 dentists and over 198,000 office locations accept one or more Delta Dental plans. Insurance acceptance differs by plan type. For example, Delta Dental PPO has a national network of more than 68,000 dentists practicing in over 119,000 locations. In comparison, their DeltaCare USA offering has just 22,000 dentist office locations, about a fifth of the number of PPO network locations.