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Coffee Butter Hand Dream™ + CBD from Citrus/Evergreen Bark

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Now: $19.95
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Coffee Butter Hand Dream™ is BACK!

But with the addition of amazing CBD! But this is no ordinary CBD...

We are using CBD derived from evergreen tree bark and citrus peel, which has the highest concentrations of it.

This CBD has a very low carbon footprint - 100% scalable and sustainable in every way. The trees aren’t even damaged; the bark is removed and it regrows without any harm to the tree all year round.

This CBD is extremely pure!... with no trace of residual compounds, herbicides, pesticides, or heavy metals... There is zero THC, not even trace amounts of it, so there are no side effects like fainting or light headiness.

Furthermore, there are no legal issues with FDA or DEA, because it does not come from cannabis or hemp and it has 0 amounts of THC. The law states extracts of marijuana or hemp.

This CBD has a rod-like crystalline form, which provides more bioavailability, solubility, shelf stability, and product manufacturing resilience. It absorbs into the body more effectively and efficiently than any other CBD from any other sources.

It is a cold extraction process and has no solvents, is chemical free and is Free of all synthetics, additives, and preservatives...
Cannabis-Free - the perfect alternative to hemp-based CBD without the questions over legality.

*ZERO THC, not even trace amounts
*Made from organically grown citrus peels and the bark of an invasive species of evergreen tree - 100% botanical, natural, and sustainable *99.86% pure with no trace of residual compounds, herbicides, pesticides, or heavy metals.
*3rd party lab verified
*Extracted via a proprietary, solvent and chemical-free extraction process
*Free of all synthetics, additives, and preservatives
*Small Batch Produced
*Made in the USA

DIRECTIONS: Apply as needed and massage in. Can be used on lips or anywhere the gentle aroma of coffee and CBD is desired. *Enjoy the CBD.

INGREDIENTS: cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil), coffee arabica (coffee) oil, 33 mg third party lab-verified sustainable CBD derived from organic citrus peels and invasive evergreen bark (no trees are harmed), raw hemp seed oil carrier for CBD. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to temperature concerns, Coffee Butter Hand Dream™ is only shipped during the colder months.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  • 5
    Keep it handy!

    Posted by Anna B. on Dec 18th 2018

    Love this on lips and my hands and keep one in my car.