Starting On The Dental Path

Starting On The Dental Path

Posted by Gabriala Brown, Founder Tooth Soap® on Jul 15th 2019

I started on the "tooth path" when I read the valuable research on native cultures by Weston Price, DDS in his book, "Nutritional and Physical Degeneration". Since then, I have never looked at teeth the same again.

The photos shown in Dr. Price's book were amazing and I couldn't stop thinking about them. Dr. Price's research proved that as soon as the "disease-free" cultures were introduced to processed foods (white flour and sugar), disease became common, bones and teeth did not develop correctly, and dental decay was rampant. The normally broad faced people with perfectly formed nostrils gradually began to have elongated faces with deformed dental arches causing crowding of teeth.

Other facial deformities included a lack of development of the air passages causing mouth breathing. As each generation passed and they continued to eat "modern foods", these primitive culture's health and teeth became worse.

The most fascinating photo I saw was of the Gaelic twins Dr. Price photographed. One twin ate his natural native diet of whole foods, while the other twin preferred eating the new processed foods. The twin eating whole foods looked healthy and robust with perfect teeth, while his brother who lived on junk had teeth full of decay and many were missing. His face was also narrower, he had a deformed arch and his teeth were crooked.

If you have not seen these photos in Dr. Price's book, you really have to take a look as they are truly amazing. It shows what happens to cultures that adopt a diet full of modern foods and how each generation is affected more than the last.

Since reading Dr. Price's book, I have been fascinated by the diet/tooth connection and have continued to find more information proving that what we eat directly affects our teeth.

I showed the pictures from the book by Dr. Price to my two girls one day and they both said, "We don't want to have teeth like that Mom! Why do they have such ugly teeth? How can we keep our teeth from looking like that?" I told them the truth to the best of my knowledge. I told them that a processed diet is devoid of nutrients and if they don't get all the vitamins and minerals they need to keep their bones and teeth strong, they would have decaying and crooked teeth, just like the people in those pictures. I told them we could avoid cavities if we nourished our bodies with whole and organic foods as much as possible.

But there was much more I needed to know so we could avoid all the common dental problems. And I knew I did not have a REAL plan for taking care of my family's teeth. I

needed some kind of alternative dental plan to give my girls that they could follow for life. But even with searching the best alternative web sites on the Net and searching through my own library of over 100 health books, I found nothing. All the recommendations of the experts were to "see your dentist" for help.

That wasn't an option for me – I knew there was no way I was going to expose my children to that scenario because I had studied and found fluoride to be completely toxic (anyone who investigates fluoride for just a day will find the same thing). I also did not want to be in a position where I had to try and "convince" the dentist that fluoride was toxic because I remembered what it was like when I tried to convince my baby's doctor that vaccinations were toxic and contained mercury. That doctor discredited everything I said and look at me sternly and said, "If you don't vaccinate your child and she gets a disease, YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!" He might as well have told me that I would be thrown in jail if I didn't let him inject my 12 month-old baby with the "new" chicken pox vaccine. Incidentally, years later that vaccine proved to be ineffective in preventing the disease.

The bottom line was that going to the dentist for "prevention" was not the answer for me or my family.

The real truth is, if none of us had cavities or gum disease, dentists would be out of business. Bad teeth start with cavities and gum problems and a dentist can only thrive in a country where people have decaying teeth and bad gums. If dentists were in fact really "preventing cavities" with their current protocols, they would not survive. Filling cavities, performing gum surgery, root canals, etc., are what keep dentists in business and making money. I am not knocking capitalism, but if going to a dentist is the best we can do to care for our teeth, why is it that by age 17 the average American has 13 cavities?

And what about the Native Americans, who have had the most forced dentistry and fluoridation for over 60 years and the fact that they have the worst teeth in America? Clearly, our current state of health in general in America is terrible and the condition of teeth is comparable. Western medicine and current dental practice is not working to make us or our teeth healthier. But it is a fact that dentists are necessary now and will continue to be because the reality is, not everyone will do what they need to do to prevent cavities and gum disease on their own. The people who are not willing to take simple steps every day to keep their teeth healthy will always need a dentist to fill their cavities and perform root canals.

But as far as prevention goes, dentists are not the answer, and the fluoride treatments they use are not working to prevent anything. Fighting the government on the fluoride issue is a tough battle too, considering there is not ONE person in mainstream news media that will discuss the toxicity of fluoride.

From Dr. Judd's book, "Good Teeth, Birth to Death"

"Our long association with the mainstream news media including all national and local newspapers, radio and television show them to be 100% against discussing fluoride except to say 'fluoride is going to be put in your water.' The disinformation program and cover-up agencies include the AMA, ADA, EPA, NRC, NIDR, NTC, HRSA, HHH, AmDiA, US President, Surgeon General, Consumers Union, all state dental societies, all state medical societies, Chem and Eng News, USA Today, all US Senators, all US representatives, and all governors. This is a little weird considering fluoride is a nerve poison which has killed several children in the dentist's chairs, kidney patients on unfiltered fluoridated water, and one on water overfed with fluoride."

The only thing we can do at this point is take our health into our own hands and that means taking full responsibility for making sure our teeth and our children's teeth are in good health. Depending on the dentist to prevent cavities doesn't work! Good dental care and cavity prevention begins at home and we all need to take the health of our teeth seriously. Finding a SOLID plan for taking care of my family's teeth became a major obsession. I thought about it and thought about it and instead of continuing to stress over it, I prayed for an answer. I had no idea I was about to discover Dr. Judd and his plan just one day later, but that is exactly what happened!

I was truly BLESSED to come across Dr. Gerard Judd's extensive research and his fascinating fool-proof plan to keep natural teeth for life. He proved that everything we thought about caring for teeth in the past was not true and that if a few simple steps were followed every day, teeth actually improved! After I read his info I was so excited I couldn't stand it! I have not been so excited about health info in years and I felt compelled to not only put my own family on his plan, but also to share with the world the truth about taking care of teeth and keeping them for life!

Dr. Judd's book, "Good Teeth Birth to Death" is a must read. It provides FACTS and compiled research that proves how toxic fluoride is in the body, what really causes tooth decay and gum disease, how bad regular TOOTHPASTE is for teeth and much more.