Sea Salt, Himalayan Crystal Salt and Contaminants

Sea Salt, Himalayan Crystal Salt and Contaminants

Posted by Gabriala Brown on Nov 26th 2018

There are contamination warnings floating around the web regarding the use of sea salt. Plastics, chemicals and garbage are floating around contaminating seawater and the creatures who live there.

We have never formulated with sea salt for this reason. We use only Himalayan crystal salt and 9x Roasted Bamboo Salt (a purified sea salt) in all of our formulas.

         Corey Hunter - "From what I've been reading there's contaminants in the Himalayan salt as well."

There are online articles referring to the "84 trace minerals" in Himalayan crystal salt as contaminants. These articles are debunking the hyperbolic health claims of Himalayan salt and rightfully so. Like with many natural substances attributed to health, Himalayan salt has been looked at as a panacea with the ability to cure multiple ailments. But there are no peer review studies proving Himalayan salt is the cure for any disease.

Sea salt has more contaminants than rock salt and that's why we choose to formulate with Himalayan crystal salt. It's about what ingredient is better than another. The bottom line is this: salt has been used as an effective dentifrice for decades. Sodium chloride is a microbial inhibitor which means that it prevents the growth of bacteria since it reduces the amount of water present.

There are over 108 bacteria and 200-400 microorganisms in plaque alone. With the body being 43% human cells and the rest "colonists", our job, to stay healthy, is to keep these critters at bay. That means brushing our teeth regularly to remove the plaque as severe periodontitis was associated with a 24% increased risk for cancer, with the highest risks seen for lung cancer and colorectal cancer.

The Tooth Soap® formulas are all about zapping oral bacteria - with the wetting ability of soap combined with essential oils and other proven dentifrice ingredients, everyone would benefit from brushing their teeth and gums with Tooth Soap® regularly.

For those that prefer to use a Tooth Soap® without additional salt, try our Shred and Liquid formulas.