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I'm excited to finally have dental insurance so I can finally fix my teeth!

I'm excited to finally have dental insurance so I can finally fix my teeth!

Posted by Gabriala Brown, Founder Tooth Soap® on Oct 18th 2019

Many people say that to themselves only to realize later that dental insurance coverage is limited. Dental work and the money to get it done digs deep into the gums, teeth and bank accounts. And what about the future of that work? Once the work is done, are you good for the rest of your life?

You may be thinking about a smile makeover (even though you have nice teeth already). The photos of people on social media with toilet bowl white celebrity glowing and flashing teeth might be getting to you and you feel inferior long enough to contemplate that you need to be better. That's the bad part of social media. The influence it has on us to make us feel like our own wonderful life is not so amazing and we need more.

More dental work is no simple matter even though dentists on Instagram make it look quick and easy. Whether it's cosmetic or not, all dental work will bring more problems into your mouth. All dental work is more plaque retentive. Crowns, bridges, implants, partials, fillings, braces and any dental work in the mouth is a plaque magnet. It's like wearing white pants in an oil field where it's impossible to stay clean. You will be inviting health problems into your mouth when you choose to have construction done on your teeth and gums.

A fine dentist told us once that, "No dental work is the best dental work". It's because there is nothing that is more plaque resistant that natural teeth that have never had any work done on them.

Let me create a simple visual for you. If you have ever had your nails done or seen it being done you know that nails are "prepped" before the chemicals can be applied because the natural sheen of the nail keeps the chemicals from adhearing. It's like the nail has a natural barrier to protect itself. But once the natural sheen is worn off through filing, and chemicals are applied, the top layer of the nail is destroyed. It's no different with teeth but the one difference is that teeth don't grow back like fingernails. Once the teeth are destroyed through destruction, the reconstruction begins and it never ends. All dental work done is a magnet for plaque and one needs to be super diligent in keeping the mouth clean after that.

Getting back to the title of the blog post...

"I'm excited to finally have dental insurance so I can finally fix my teeth!"

I must digress a bit.

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Back to the dental insurance situation...

You need to take full charge of your dental health and not wait to go to the dentist to look under the hood and tell you what work needs to be done. 

Our natural dental protocol has saved countless mouths all over the globe and we can help you gain dental confidence too. Get real dental insurance by taking charge of your dental health today.

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