Counterfeit Products in Commerce

Counterfeit Products in Commerce

Posted by Gabriala Brown, Founder Tooth Soap® on Jul 14th 2019

We can all admit that true LOVE is based on TRUST. And that trust is important when it comes to what you are putting into your mouth EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. OF. YOUR. LIFE.

Did you know that "counterfeit brands" are a HUGE problem rarely talked about in the news? Medicines, toothpastes, medical devices, car and airplane parts, all types of different ingredients and more (besides clothes and handbags) are counterfeited and enter the world of commerce daily. That means dental implants, composite materials for cavities and any other items needed in a dental office could be counterfeit, too.

How many distributors are involved in getting the products to the dental office? If a counterfeit implant is in your mouth, you would only know after the damage was done. We know of cases of implants literally popping out of the jaw. Who knows if they were counterfeit or not?

Amazon is on top of this enormous problem with their Brand Registry and they are working even harder lately to fight the issue of counterfeit brands. That means Amazon is charging the brand owner even more to protect a brand on their platform. Amazon has made Jeff the richest man in the world and he just keeps getting richer. Brands however, have been born and killed on Amazon.

Being that counterfeit goods are a worldwide problem, we've let go of numerous distributors over the years. It may be that the only places we can end up trusting down the road are the manufacturers themselves (if they do their homework on sourcing without cutting corners). Again, it goes back to trust. And trust leads to love.

Trust in the fact that we manufacture everything we make in the U.S.A. in our Washington facility. We ship from the same facility to avoid the chance of some low-down, shameful, despicable counterfeiters possibly getting a hold your precious Tooth Soap®.