Conflicts and Illness In Teeth and Gums

Conflicts and Illness In Teeth and Gums

Posted by Gabriala Brown, Tooth Soap® Founder on Oct 26th 2021

Inner conflicts can trigger ailments, pain, disease and chronic issues in the body.

In natural health we’ve been focusing on toxic chemicals and replacing those mainstream methods with natural methods and less toxic options.

Examples: homeopathic products, cell salts, nutrition, essential oils, superfoods for immune support and more.

But there is more to the story!

It’s true that we are what we eat, drink and absorb but we are also a product of what we think about.

Our bodies respond to every conflicted emotion we carry deep within.

Our emotions connected to the action of our body will either maintain health or cause the body to need to go into a state of repair.

Disease isn’t really the right word because it makes it sound like a lost cause, like the body cannot repair itself but that is not the case.

The body can and does go into a state of REPAIR and this is happening during the “sickness” you are feeling.

Your body is cycling through a repair phase. 

So let’s apply this to teeth and gums.

Let’s look at the function of teeth.

The function is to chew, to bite, to grind.

Incisors : biting, snapping, snarling

Canines: sicking, seizing, capturing and holding on 

Bicuspids: chewing

Molars: grinding

Think about these purposes of teeth.

Outside of using teeth to eat and masticate food, can you imagine times in your life when you would literally need to bite into something?

Or snap at someone for something that needed to stop?

Can you think about a time when you need to capture something and hold on and NOT QUIT?

What about chewing on something? 

Chewing on an idea for a business for example?

What about grinding? 

What about those times in life when it’s a grind and you have to get the work done and you are sick of the grind?

Now think really deeply about all of these functions of teeth and your life when you need to use the functions of teeth in a psychic way?

You can easily see here that the entire body, including emotions is totally connected!

The teeth are a barometer for health in our body and each tooth is connected to an organ according the meridian chart.

We have the opportunity to have success in health and wealth by addressing any conflicts in our bodies.

Both chemically, holistically and especially emotionally.

The emotions are the missing link in your health that begins in the mouth.