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Charmin Backlash #1

Posted by Gabriala Brown, Founder Tooth Soap® on Aug 25th 2019

It never occured to me to check into Charmin before I sent that email. I personally don't use Charmin myself, but others do, so they might want to investigate this situation. - Gabriala

Hi Gabriala,

When I saw Charmin included in your email my heart sank and I felt compelled to write you, hopefully you’ll pass along a. P.S. note to your readers about this.

Many people aren’t aware Charmin (Proctor & Gamble) as well as two other big corporate tissue/paper manufactures are continuing to *clear cut* huge areas of the Canadian Boreal Forests to make their toilet paper and having been doing so for awhile, significantly adding to climate warming and destruction of ecosystems as clear cutting is very harsh on the land and wildlife. Charmin uses ZERO recycled materials in making their toilet paper (not the roll's core) and *refuses* to even consider changing their practice. It’s extremely sad and frustrating to think how fast the largest intact ancient Boreal Forest is being logged just to wipe our buts. Other toilet paper brands using bamboo and recycled materials are quite soft and pleasing, you’d never give it a second thought.

*Please* take 1 minute to read this brief linked article. You have the ability to reach more people who are ignorantly adding to this problem and would gladly change if they only knew about it.

I’ve read P. & G’s site touting sustainability and citing their Forest Stewardship Council approval but unfortunately there’s an additional story beyond having wood stamped by FSC and it isn’t a nice revelation, pretty atrocious actually. FSC stamp doesn’t give ease of mind like it use to;

Bottom line is P. & G won't make changes it can to help this planet survive climate change, so it’s up to individuals being educated most (if they knew) would switch brands to a much more sustainable and even *soft* paper to help save these old forests and its wildlife as well as our rapidly warming earth.

How many of Charmin’s giant rolls of paper do you think will end up being thrown out after kids have their fun with them? I don’t think most Americans would take the time to re-roll the mess, do you?

Thanks for your consideration.