Black Friday SPECIALS at - Black Friday Catalogue (coupon below)

Black Friday SPECIALS at - Black Friday Catalogue (coupon below)

Posted by Gabriala Brown, Tooth Soap® founder on Nov 24th 2022

Tooth Soap® Catalogue Black Friday Specials

Hey Tooth Soap® Fans!

Welcome to Black Friday Specials 2022 ... !

Below is the digital catalogue of fabulous Tooth Soap® products and the most amazing deal for Black Friday 2022!

Now is the time to stock up on your favorite Tooth Soap® products. :-)

It's easy to shop from this page, just click the images and you'll be taken directly to the products.

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QUICK REMINDER: Tooth Soap® continues to be the BEST product you can use on your teeth and gums! 

Feel a difference after the first brushing, guaranteed! Since 2003.

Scroll to the bottom to get to the coupon (but why not hang out on this page and read about how fantastic Tooth Soap® is?). 


Dr. Brown's Super-Charged Mineral Shreds

WHAT IT DOES: Tooth Soap® Shreds with Super-Charged Minerals cleanse away plaque, literally bathing your teeth in calcium and phosphorous while leaving your teeth squeaky clean for your healthy saliva to continue to remineralize them. It's a strong hole-in-the-teeth defense.

HOW TO USE IT: Put one Shred on a bottom molar and bite down to hold the Shred in place. Brush over the Shred with a wet toothbrush. Rinse well and enjoy squeaky clean teeth and gums!

WHY IS IT DIFFERENT? Dr. Brown's Super-Charged Mineral Shreds are upgraded with the addition of our unique calcium and ionic minerals that support enamel strength.

Tooth Soap® Shreds Plus Activated Minerals

We often get comments about how effective these Super-Charged Mineral Shreds are, many getting great dental visits!

Available in Peppermint and Gentle (Plain Jane).

Tooth Soap® Shreds Plus Activated Minerals

Sustainability connoisseurs will love the Super-Charged Mineral Shreds in the refill bag ...

Tooth Soap® Supercharged Mineral Shreds Refill


Tooth Soap® with Activated Charcoal Shreds 

Tooth Soap® Original Shreds are perfectly matched with Activated Charcoal from coconuts! This is truly an incredible and luscious formula. You'll look forward to biting into your Shreds every time you brush!

WHAT IT DOES: Tooth Soap® Shreds with Activated Charcoal super cleanses away plaque and brightens teeth gently with every brushing.

HOW TO USE IT: Put one Shred on a bottom molar and bite down to hold the Shred in place. Brush over the Shred with a wet toothbrush. Rinse well and enjoy a brighter smile with squeaky clean teeth and gums.

WHY IS IT DIFFERENT? Tooth Soap® with Activated Charcoal is the easy, no-mess way to enjoy activated charcoal benefits. No air-borne powders to inhale and the formula was created without peroxide to preserve enamel.

Tooth Soap® with Activated Charcoal Shreds

Tooth Soap® Activated Charcoal Shreds

Tooth Soap® Pure & Flawless Brightening Shreds

CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGING: These Tooth Soap® Pure & Flawless Charcoal Shreds are in REAL ECO packaging.

A woven cloth bag and bamboo toothbrush is included!

For those that honestly care about using a product that is sustainable from beginning to end, this one is for you. 

We also have Tooth Soap® Charcoal Shreds in China-Free packaging (bags made in the USA)!

Tooth Soap® China Free

Tooth Soap® lovers that get results are happy people.

A happy mouth creates a happy life in many ways!

I especially love it when customers drop a beautiful comment about how Tooth Soap® worked for them.

Tooth Soap® CMH

Tooth Soap® | Calcium Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite | Cleansing

This is my new formula and so far the feedback has been positive!

Carefully sourced Calcium Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite is blended perfectly into Tooth Soap® CMH.

There's an ancient essential oil in the formula that has other benefits I wasn't aware of until recently.

It confirmed my instinct to include this biblical oil in the Tooth Soap®.

When I discovered a study about this essential oil preventing insulitis and insulin resistance in type 1 and type 2 diabetes, I was happy to say the least.

I wrote a blog post about it, you might want to read it later.

Tooth Soap® CMH


Tooth Soap® Patch Remineralizing Plaster is NEW has been reformulated to extend the shelf life.

The product is a powder that sticks together, just put a pinch on the desired area and your saliva will moisten it.

There is no need to refrigerate the new Tooth Soap® Patch.

Loaded with enamel loving:

  • Calcium Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite
  • Mineral Clay
  • Coral Calcium 

Tooth Soap® Patch is applied to the top of teeth to encourage targeted remineralization in specific areas after brushing.

Tooth Soap® Patch


We've got a new container for Whip and Gel (but it's limited..)!!

No sales pitch here.

When they were purchased I was told they are not making them anymore.

But they are perfectly suitable for Tooth Soap® Whip and Gel, so I'm using them until they are gone.

This is the slimmest pump yet, almost half the size of the current pump.

The good news is this pump contains the same amount of product ...

But ...!

It's $4 less ...

And on Black Friday Special!

Tooth Soap® Slim Pump

Tooth Soap® Slim Pump Comparison

Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon and Plain Jane in Whip and the latter plus Ginger and Citrus Gel are available for your tooth and gum cleansing enjoyment!

Tooth Brights™ & Black Lava Salt

Peppermint or Non-Scents Tooth Brights™ and Black Lava Salt Exclusive

The activated charcoal infused into our Tooth Brights™ formula is derived from coconuts and helps to:

  • Eliminate toxins
  • Deodorize the mouth
  • Brighten your smile
  • Keep plaque in check

*No Hydrogen Peroxide Formula Means No Oxidizing of Stains on Teeth*

Black Lava Salt is a Delectable Sea Salt used for adding Depth and Complexity to Culinary Creations.

It has a stunning flavor and a nutritional advantage of being infused with activated charcoal which assists the body in removing harmful impurities, and is exceptional in essential minerals to help maintain the body’s normal functions. 

This scrumptious salt adds a truly unique flavor to roasted vegetables, soups, stir-fry dishes and on the barbecue.

The vintage, amber, square Tooth Brightener™ bottles are no longer being manufactured, so we will making the switch to the clear glass once we run out (we still have some amber squares in stock).

Pick up Tooth Brightener™ today to keep teeth their brightest!

Tooth Soap® contains ZERO abrasives, so you'll need a gentle scrub once or twice a week and Tooth Brightener™ is perfect for the job.

This new Tooth Brightener™ combo comes with a bamboo toothbrush and is perfect for gift giving:

Tooth Brightener™ Gift Set with bamboo Toothbrush

Matt Monarch tells his tooth staining and whitening story below with a before and after!

I could use any type or flavor of Tooth Soap® I want and what do I pick?

Tooth Soap® Liquid!

I love it and every night when I brush my teeth I think to myself how much I love Tooth Soap®.

Tooth Soap® is surrounded by LOVE not just in words, but in thoughts, too.

Liquid Tooth Soap®

About mouthwash and dental work...

A recent study was brought to my attention:

"Three disinfectant mouthwashes given to patients before dental procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic: 0.2% povidone iodine, 1% hydrogen peroxide, and 0.12% chlorhexidine. All three mouthwashes increased the surface roughness of resin composites immersed in the solutions."

I wrote a blog post about it, read it later here.

I was surprised that such a low percentage of hydrogen peroxide increased roughness of composite teeth.

I know many that rinse regularly with 5% peroxide solutions and think it is safe for all teeth (not my suggestion).

DBR Mouthwash

I have never created a formula with hydrogen peroxide and warned against using it in my book two decades ago.

Tooth Soap® Liquid with Activated Charcoal has been selling like crazy since it was first introduced.

For those that are not convinced that it's safe to use peroxide solutions to whiten teeth this product is for you.

It's gentle and super easy to use, just put a few drops into your mouth, brush, rinse and enjoy a brighter smile!

Tooth Soap® Liquid with Charcoal

ChlorAlternative with Manuka Honey

For thousands of years honey has been an effective healing tool.

Studies show Manuka honey can help with gingivitis and periodontal disease. 

Manuka honey is gentle on oral tissue and has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

ChlorAlternative No 18 contains 5 gum loving essential oils and Manuka honey from New Zealand.

For many, this formula along with Tooth Soap® No 18 (chai formula) are their absolute favorites!

Tooth Soap® No 18 (chai formula) with Manuka Honey from New Zealand

Rinsing is not the only mouthwash option at!

Tooth Swish™ has been around almost as long as Tooth Soap® ...

I created it for my youngest daughter to use when she wasn't able to brush after eating at school.

NORMA KAMALI has her name on two of my products and one of them is Tooth Swish™.

Tooth Swish™ is refreshing and acid neutralizing keeping the flora in your mouth in balance.

Tooth Swish™

Tooth Swish™

Posted by Carol Fong:

"This stuff is AMAZING! Whenever I get any kind of tooth sensitivity, I just “swish” for at most a couple of days and no more! More recently, my husband had a filling fall out and had some big-time tooth sensitivity. We could not get an appointment with the dentist soon enough. I told him about Tooth Swish and he very reluctantly tried it. He used it only once and the sensitivity went away! Crazy! I need to use this more!"

Good tools are important for oral health.

For the most part, many don't need tools if they visit a dentist regularly.

There are others that want to take a majority of their oral health into their own hands.

That's why tools like these are important.

Take them with you so you will never need a toothpick again.

Each stainless steel tube contains 4 dental tools.

Tartar Removing Flicking Tools

Looking for Kits to give?

See all kits here.

Tooth Soap® Kits

I've been dealing with some ailments that are typical for someone my age.

My ears have been bothering me for a couple of decades and as usual, I reach for natural remedies instead of visiting the doctor to get antibiotics that leave me with unwanted side effects.

Would I take antibiotics if it was absolutely necessary? YES!

But for something chronic like swimmer's ear, no.

I've used natural remedies for decades to deal with my ears.

Recently I woke up feeling an ice pick type of sensation in my right ear and yelped.

It woke me up out of a deep sleep.

I thought, what am I going to do about this pain?

Because I don't use pain meds, not even aspirin. 

I don't even have ibuprofen anywhere.

Then I remembered my remedy that I keep in my night stand.

I immediately put two drops in my ear and lied there, still, waiting for it to seep in.

I put two drops in the other side and turned over.

I repeated this process once more.

After just two applications, my ear pain was gone.

This formula works!

If you need a formula for itchy or troublesome ears this formula is for you.

P.S. I do not prescribe or diagnose and this information is for entertainment purposes only. :-)

QRF (Quick Relief Formula) Earache


NOOH SKIN Clean Skin Care

On sale and on Black Friday Special!

Your skin is your second liver, absorbing all those endocrine disrupting chemicals most manufacturers use in skin care.

Using clean products reduces the exposure to these toxins.

We can never remove every toxin from our life but using oral and skin care that is free from potentially harmful chemicals is a great place to start.

Posted by Lisa "I really like this product. It smells good and provides a lot of moisture without being greasy."

I like it because it has a slight tightening effect -

I notice my forehead looks smoother after I use it.

The smell is heavenly ... but natural at the same time.

It's concentrated and a little goes a long way.

NOOH SKIN Daytime Moisturizer

The NOOH SKIN Night Cream is super thick and rich. 

It absorbs into the skin easily and works to nourish your skin while you sleep.

NOOH SKIN Nourishing Night Cream

If you are still reading, you deserve a gift!

Even better yet, a SURPRISE GIFT! :-)

There is a dental tool I use almost daily to remove food from my back molars.

I've been using it for over three years, but I know it's not the best option - it's made with forever plastic.

But it works so well!

Recently, I discovered a sustainable option that is non-toxic, plastic-free, gluten free and will break down in the environment, so I had to try it.

Then I thought, I have to let you try it, too!

For Black Friday, each order will receive one Surprise Gift!

I would LOVE your feedback on this so please let me know how you like it.

Black Friday is truly Special!

Not only will you get 50% off of your order, every order is also getting a special surprise, so place your order today!



Here is the coupon code you've been waiting for (and thank you for your patience!).

coupon code: BFF

Coupon code: BFF

(because Tooth Soap® is your best friend forever ... !)

Shop now, some things are limited and I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity!

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