Are You A Victim Of This? IMPORTANT WARNING.

Are You A Victim Of This? IMPORTANT WARNING.

Posted by Gabriala Brown, Tooth Soap® Founder & Life Reinvention Strategist on Jul 16th 2021


I discovered a new threat to teeth and gums, so I thought about writing a quick post to ensure that you don't end up being an unwitting victim.

There could be countless victims of what I believe is a future oral care disaster.

Firstly, do you use hydrogen peroxide whitening trays or strips?

Or are you regularly getting these whitening treatments at the dentist?

If so, it’s important to understand how peroxide treatments work. 

“Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the enamel and releases oxygen and hydroxyl radicals which then oxidizes the large stain molecules. This oxidation breaks down the stain molecules and converts them into much smaller structures, making the tooth appear whiter.” - BOC

When you use any type of hydrogen peroxide products, all of which fall into the “natural” category, you are oxidizing your enamel.

Before you think it’s okay to do, please consider this.

Think about how we are warned constantly about oxidizing the insides of our bodies.

We are told to take anti-oxidant supplements and eat foods that are high in anti-oxidants to fight free-radicals that cause damage to our organs.

Anti-oxidants, Anti-oxidants, Anti-oxidants!

There isn’t a person alive that doesn’t know about this.

No one would purposely eat foods that cause oxidation in the body.


Because there is NO BENEFIT but only harm instead.

But here we are now, with a majority of the population happily and eagerly buying, using and enjoying unnaturally white teeth through the process of oxidation.

Beautiful people all over the world are oxidizing one of the most valuable assets in their body, their teeth(!) and not considering the long term affects, and why would they?

No one is telling them this!

Whitening treatments are pure profit for dental offices and do I really need to go down that path anyway?

The dental industry is part good intention and part total racket!

There are good and crooked people in every sector of life, let’s just be honest.

That just means we need to keep our eyes open.

Don’t worry, I will not digress!

Herein lies the truth.

Teeth are not dead mouth bones.

Enamel is the most incredible human part of the human body there is, and nothing inside or outside of the body compares.

Enamel is this transparent, milky white, absolutely exquisite, magical body part and right now you should be hearing angels sing as I say those words… :-)

Teeth are alive and porous and the dentin contains tiny, fluid filled tubules that connect to nerve tissue.

Indeed, teeth are ALIVE so why in the world are we oxidizing them with bleach and lights to speed up the bleaching process?!

Can I remind everyone what happens to white clothing when it’s bleached over and over again?

Over time, the fabric starts to yellow slightly and the bleach no longer works.

Have I talked to people that have bleached their teeth for years and years and now have yellow teeth that will no longer whiten?

YES, yes, yes!!!

Secondly,have you noticed any areas in your mouth where the gum line is detaching from the teeth or shrunk up slightly making it appear that your gums are receding?

Peroxide treatments can and will detach gum tissue over time or even in an instant sometimes.

We are told to accept receding gums as part of aging but in reality it is the oral care products and aggressive whitening treatments that are aging teeth at a rapid rate.

The dental industry has all the answers though, just cut a piece of your palate and sew it to your gums and you will be all good.

I find this nuts and so did Dr. Judd when he said that gum surgery was a heinous crime on humanity.

Sadly though...

I'm like the rest of the sheep in the world I guess, because I too want brighter teeth.

I can't risk damaging my enamel though, even for the sake of beauty.

But far be if from me to open your eyes to a huge problem without providing a solution!

Introducing my best formula EVER in the history of the Universe!

Tooth Soap® Liquid with Charcoal

I'm a DIE-HARD Tooth Soap® Peppermint Liquid lover and even though we have Tooth Brights™ and it works awesome, I don't use it because again, I'm a DIE-HARD Tooth Soap® Peppermint Liquid lover!

But once I swtiched out the regular Peppermint for the new Tooth Soap® Peppermint Liquid with Charcoal, I was crazy with joy! :-D

I’ve been using my new Tooth Soap® Liquid Peppermint with Charcoal exclusively and I have got to say it is the perfect formula and solution for those that want to gently brighten their teeth on a regular basis without damaging their enamel in the future with peroxide treatments.

It’s our BEST SELLING Peppermint or Plain Jane Liquid swirled with activated charcoal from coconuts and it’s pure AMAZING, I love it so much!

Charcoal in itself is a magical ingredient with numerous benefits and we have other formulas with charcoal, but this Liquid though… it’s just pure awesomeness!

Pick up a bottle now to see what I am talking about. CLICK HERE OR ANY OF THE IMAGES TO SHOP NOW.

I don’t think I will change to another Tooth Soap® unless I come up with something better (which is entirely possible because I’m constantly trying to IMPROVE everything in my life including Tooth Soap®)!

If you are not a victim, congratulations and good for you!