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We’ve Been Perfecting the Art of Tooth Soap® Formulations Since 2003.

Back in 1997, Dr. Gerard F. Judd (a professor and cancer and fluoride researcher of 40 years) discovered a natural dental protocol to keep healthy teeth and gums for life. This natural plan available to everyone on the planet started with brushing with SOAP. But Dr. Judd wasn't the first to use or recommend soap for teeth.

Soap has been used for brushing for over 165 years. The toothpaste tube was introduced in the 1890’s and contained soap. But the soap was removed in 1946 and never returned. From Colgate’s website: “Until after 1945, toothpastes contained soap. After that time, soap was replaced by other ingredients to make the paste into a smooth paste or emulsion - such as sodium lauryl sulphate, a common ingredient in present-day toothpaste.”

When we started back in 2003, there were not many options available for brushing teeth outside of the typical paste. Since that time, the market has been flooded with all kinds of products from powders to cremes and liquids. 

Pure soap is still the best thing to use on teeth and gums and that's why we've spent over 19 years perfecting the art of Tooth Soap® formulations.

We say NO to chemical detergents like SLS at Tooth Soap®. Pure and real soap-based dentifrice products are ideal for maintaining healthy teeth and gums (we have the track record to prove it).

You'll find only pure vegetable soap formulations created from organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic and wildcrafted essential oils, Himalayan crystal salt, 9x roasted bamboo salt, pure coral calcium and other non-toxic ingredients. We originally used palm oil in our formulas but removed it in 2009 due to the conflict surrounding it. 

Our ingredients and packaging are sourced from suppliers who have the same goals in mind that we do:

  • Sustainable
  • Eco-Conscious
  • Fair Trade Ingredients

*Since the beginning our formulas were enhanced with therapeutic, steam-distilled essential oils known for their powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. 

One focus of Tooth Soap® is deep cleaning of the teeth and gums because periodontal disease is running rampant and is correlated with life threatening diseases such as cancer, including lung and colorectal cancer. (1) 

A recent groundbreaking study (January 2019) shows that oral bacteria is the cause of dementia in Alzheimer's patients. Scientists have identified p-gingivalis as the oral bacteria responsible.(2)

Another study from 2015 (a nightmare study actually) showed Alzheimer's disease is contagious. It confirmed Alzheimer's disease is transmissible between humans (earlier animal studies have shown transmission is possible).(3) Alzheimer’s could be passed on by other routes through blood transfusions or contaminated surgical instruments. The implication of this study transcends into the dental world and all of their instruments and possible contamination. Root canals have come into question because of this as well.

Oral care is more than just whitening your teeth and preventing cavities. Plaque removal needs to be taken seriously. Just like washing your hands with soap after using the restroom is important to keep from spreading diseases, brushing with soap to clean off food debris, plaque and other contaminants from the teeth and gums is necessary to maintain overall body health.

But there is more to the story spoken of frequently in the mainstream dental world, but not talked about so much to the general public. It’s about the serious problem of abrasion from commercial toothpaste. Dr. Peter E. Dawson, a world-renowned dentist who wrote the book, “Functional Occlusion: From TMJ to Smile Design” in 2007 stated, “What we have been calling ABFRACTION lesions are really the result of toothpaste abuse”. (4)

If a dental patient has abfraction lesions, they may require gum surgery to replace the lost gum tissue. This means that the oral care product that is supposed to care for teeth is actually harming them long term, potentially causing the need for surgical intervention down the road.

Whenever we brush our teeth, we are either cleaning them gently or we are wearing the enamel down just a bit. If a person brushes three times a day that is a lot of opportunity to wear down enamel. This is why we take abrasion seriously.

Tooth Soap® is NON-Abrasive. We brush our teeth approximately 57,000 times in our life and our teeth over time show the wear. When teeth are tan or brownish, it’s because the lighter enamel has been worn away and the tan colored “dentin” is showing through the thinner, translucent enamel.

Super cleaning teeth and gums and doing it in a non-abrasive way is not the only great thing about Tooth Soap®. The organic, economical concentrated formulas are made the old fashioned way in small 49 pound batches to maintain their integrity. We take oral care very seriously and make sure everyone knows that cleaning teeth and gums meticulously is one part of keeping healthy teeth and gums for life - the other vital part is eating a whole food nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals needed to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

We are here to answer any questions you have about natural oral care and are happy to guide you to a new way of taking care of your teeth and gums. We guarantee anyone who tries Tooth Soap® will feel a difference after the first brushing!

Gabriala Brown
Founder Tooth Soap®
The Story of Tooth Soap®

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