Since 2003, Tooth Soap® has been a trailblazing pioneer in bringing alternative dental information and natural and organic oral care to the world. The focus has been to educate truthfully and provide the products that empower everyone to take full control of their dental and overall health.

Our Humble Beginnings!

Originally formulated in 2003, the humble beginnings of Tooth Soap® began on my dining room table with a formula discussed with Dr. Gerard F. Judd, the scientist who recommended only soap for teeth.

Many years have gone by and countless teeth have been enjoying being cleansed in Tooth Soap® bubbles. We are still focused on bringing soap-based oral care back to the world as an option to the paste that has dominated the market since the 1950’s.

My (Dental Health) Goal For You!

My goal is still the same. I want to help you to have a healthier mouth and improve your dental visits, saving you time and money. We are here to guide you along the way to a healthier mouth and life, freeing you from fear of invasive dental procedures. Natural and organic oral care, nutrients, books and other health products are available to encourage the balance of your mouth, mind and body.

Our all natural formulas are effective, pure and safe for the entire family. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to being a part of your excellent oral health and overall body wellness.

All the best!

Gabriala Brown
Tooth Soap® – Marvelous Tooth Care™
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