Thyroid Drugs and Gum Disease (Graves, Hashimotos)


This condition causes severe oral pain and makes people go to the dentist.

The white area on the gums above the teeth – this is called drug-induced neutropenia. This woman was prescribed and took methimazole for Graves disease (hyPER-thyroid). She took it for six weeks and the oral symptoms began to occur.

The treatment?

More drugs in the form of antibiotics. A most vicious (and profitable for the industry) cycle.

The necrotic (dead) tissue was cut away and she rinsed with a combo of **chlorahexadine mouthwash and lidacaine for the pain. Within a week, she was better.

Antibiotics can help but they can also cause further problems for teeth.

Antibiotics can cause brown striping on the enamel of your teeth. They have a slightly acidic content which can be harmful to the enamel leaving the teeth susceptible to tooth decay.

If you are taking meds you need to be extra careful with your teeth and gums. They are battling not only our society that eats so much processed, non nutritious food, but also the side effects from Big Pharma.


Juicing regularly and cleaning up an eating plan has shown to help many get off of pharmaceutical drugs.  When the body has the nutrients it needs, it finally has a fighting chance.

We are either building our immune system when we eat or we are weakening it with our food choices.

Blood sugar of 120 reduces the body’s immune system by 75%! The average SAD (standard American diet) meal puts the average (not diabetic) body into the 120 blood sugar range. So many walk around with weak immune systems and don’t even know it.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


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Or try this tasty juice loaded with micronutrients:

2 apples
4 handfuls of spinach
16 kale leaves
1 cucumber
4 celery sticks
2 lemons

Start out with ONE glass a day! Every little step helps your teeth and gums and body in the daily battle of life.

**Studies show manuka honey reduced plaque similar to that of chlorahexadine mouthwash.