The Importance of Enamel


The Importance of Enamel

You walk into the dentist’s office and sit down. You brush and floss and get ready to hear the news. But when your dentist looks at you and says that they know you drink coffee every morning you immediately think he’s a psychic. He’s not; he can actually see this in your teeth.

Enamel in anatomy, is known as the hardest tissue in the human body. It is a thin outer layer that covers your tooth to protect them. It is also the layer that gets stained when you drink liquids like coffee, tea, and red wine. Usually, a quick trip to a dentist for a teeth cleaning can rid your teeth of any stains on your enamel. Clean teeth can then recover properly and the reenamaleization can take place.

Enamel loss can most commonly be due to erosion.

Enamel erosion happens when large amounts of acid wear away at your teeth. Studies have shown that excessive soft drink consumption or certain medications, like aspirin can be the leading cause in the erosion process.

Another cause of enamel loss is through abrasion. This happens by using abrasive tooth cleansers consistently, and over time, the enamel thins, allowing the light brown, beige color of the dentin to show through. This is why teeth appear yellower as we age.

Contrary to what you may understand, the removal of fluoride from your drinking water or toothpaste can save the enzymes that are needed for healthy teeth enamel. These enzymes deliver phosphate and calcium at your tooth’s surface. This creates the type of semi-flexible enamel that is most beneficial to your teeth. If you decrease the fluoride from your daily life your tooth enamel will benefit.

Coconut Oil – The Hidden Benefit

Coconut oil is also beneficial for your teeth enamel. There have been studies that show how coconut oil can decrease plaque build up. When plaque builds up under the enamel it uses the sugars in your food to produce an acid that eats away at your healthy enamel. By bringing coconut oil into your daily teeth regimen, you can help decrease the plaque that builds up on your teeth. Many people using the technique of pulling to reap the full reward that coconut oil can provide.

Reenamelization occurs naturally in teeth when your teeth are clean. This is also known as remineralization. This is when the natural tooth enamel mineral properties are restored.

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