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Tooth Brightener™ Peppermint 1.7 ounce


Since 2004, Tooth Brightener™ has been brightening teeth across the globe, naturally and easily. Always chemical free!

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Since Tooth Soap® contains ZERO abrasives, it is vital to “exfoliate” your teeth at least two times a week to remove common, every day food stains. This can be done quickly and gently with Tooth Brightener™.

Tooth Brightener™ knows how to do the job right. It contains only whole food calcium/magnesium from the sea, natural and solvent free bicarb of soda and pure essential oil harvested from up here in the Pacific Northwest. This 1.7 oz. container lasts 3-4 months. Use once or twice a week to keep teeth their brightest!

Instructions: Sprinkle on wet toothbrush and brush teeth gently, avoiding the gums. Rinse. Use once or twice a week. For stubborn stains, make a paste of Tooth Brightener™ and water and apply with a cotton swab, concentrating on the tooth stain.

Ingredients: Coral Calcium from the Caribbean (harvested above the sea bed), solvent free baking soda and peppermint essential oil from the Pacific Northwest.

  • No flavors or fillers …
  • No need for a warning label …
  • Made in the USA …
  • Not tested on animals …


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