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Peppermint Whip 2 Ounce (amber glass bottle)


Our best-selling Peppermint Whip in the 2 oz size in the amber glass bottle with a dropper for precision!

For the purist who prefers amber glass containers, you get TWICE the amount in each bottle! Drop your way to soapy goodness; drop the desired amount onto your toothbrush with the glass dropper.

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“Peppermint Tooth Soap® Whip has been one of our best sellers for well over a decade. That is why you will find it in FOUR different containers! The smooth, minty, creamy texture super cleans your teeth and leaves them sparkling so your saliva can do the job of reenamelizing your teeth. Tooth Soap® also contains a “wetting” ability, which means contaminants and bacteria are removed easily. Yes, both the good and bad bacteria will be washed away but the mouth cannot be made sterile. The natural bodily process is that more good and bad bacteria begin to flourish in the mouth again shortly thereafter. It is a game we play our entire lives, dealing with both the good and bad in everything.” – Gabriala Brown

Ingredients Peppermint Whip: Saponified Olea europaea (organic extra virgin olive oil) and cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil), spring water, Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, premium Coral Calcium harvested from above the sea bed, and wild-crafted essential oil from the Pacific Northwest.




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