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NEW! Dragon’s Blood Tooth Soap® (Cinnamon) Liquid


Dragon’s Blood Tooth Soap® with Cinnamon

Over the last decade, I have had one Tooth Soap® product that people have made more medical claims than any other – Cinnamon Tooth Soap® in liquid, gel, whip and shreds.

I listen and don’t comment because there are no double blind studies to back up their claims (but I don’t really need them anyway because I know the power of essential oils, man’s first medicine).

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As always, I can never make any medical claims about the products here at Tooth Soap®, but if you do just one minute of research on Dragon’s blood, you will understand why I had to formulate an oral care product with this amazing rainforest ingredient!

Dragon’s blood (Croton lechleri) is the gorgeous red sap that drips from the Dragon’s Blood tree when a knife cuts into the bark after making a diagonal cut.

Dragon’s blood sap has been used for all things skin… it has amazing healing properties and can even be used on the teeth and gums!

Celebrities claim Dragon’s blood serums and creams are their anti-aging secret, but what matters most is that this natural sap is powerful and it works!

Combining Dragon’s Blood with powerful cinnamon essential oil is beyond a winning combination for your teeth and gums.

This Dragon’s Blood Tooth Soap® Liquid with Cinnamon is your ultra healthy mouth’s new best friend!

If you are looking to SUPER support your teeth and gums in the most natural and effective way possible, you must try this Dragon’s Blood Tooth Soap® with Cinnamon!

Dragon’s Blood Tooth Soap® also comes in Plain Jane for those who use homeopathic products and cannot use any essential oils.

Ingredients:  Saponified organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, distilled water, sustainable, pure, raw, Croton lechleri and cinnamon essential oil.


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