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Liquid Plain Jane Tooth Soap®


If you prefer to keep the taste neutral, without any particular flavor, then our Liquid Plain Jane Tooth Soap® brand is perfect for you.

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Tooth Soap® Cleans teeth, gums and deep cleans fissures and pits in teeth (the most common place for cavities):

  •   Tooth Soap® Removes oils, residue and other contaminants from teeth …
  •   Therapeutic essential oils nourish gums. …
  •   Made with organic foods, natural and wildcrafted sustainable ingredients and No Palm Oil …
  •   Manufactured in the USA in a gluten free facility …
  •   Economical and saves you money at the dentist because check ups will be better …
  •   Can be used with braces and on dentures …
  •   Recommended by dentists and endorsed by many health experts …
Ingredients Liquid: Saponified Olea europaea (organic extra virgin olive oil) and cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil) and distilled water. Liquid packed in a 2 oz amber glass bottle.

Customer Reviews

I am so grateful Tooth Soap® exists, … After brushing and rinsing, running my tongue over my teeth, so smooth and clean! Wow!

"The world needs more love, so I'm sending it. It started when I had my daughter a little over five years ago.  I became acutely aware of the harmful, harsh chemicals in commercial toothpaste. The search was on for something natural AND effective. I stumbled across a book about curing tooth decay, and Tooth Soap® […]


I started using Tooth Soap® and HAVE NOT HAD ONE SINGLE CAVITY SINCE!!! I no longer dread the dentist as my cleanings are now short and sweet! Thank you, SO much!!!

"I was at my wit's end about 6 years ago, and was going to ask the dentist to clean my teeth every 3 months instead of 6, as I could not stand the torture of sitting in the chair that long being poked, prodded and scraped. And, even with all that, I still had to […]


My gums are better, my teeth are whiter, and I’ve told as many people about Tooth Soap® as I can! It’s a phenomenal product, and if I keep bragging about it, you probably won’t believe me!

"I really don't know how I discovered Tooth Soap®, to be honest. All I know is I tried it; I was a little skeptical, because of the internet, and how people try to sell you something, based upon what you read or watch … Well, I have to tell you, my experience has been nothing […]


I did some research, and found Tooth Soap®. My life has changed for the better since, with the hygienist amazed every time at how clean my teeth and gums are …

"I knew that when the dentist told me my bleeding gums was a result of not being diligent enough with brushing and flossing he was wrong. My gums felt permanently irritable and slightly swollen, and bled every time I cleaned my teeth. So I did some research, and found Tooth Soap®. My life has changed […]


After a year or so of using Tooth Soap®, I’ve noticed less problems with my gums and teeth. I cannot imagine using anything else on my teeth.

"I have been using Tooth Soap® for the last three years. I think I first heard about it through the raw food community. I love how my teeth feel after brushing with it, and the purity of ingredients makes it an easy choice to make. After a year or so of using Tooth Soap®, I've […]


Been using Tooth Soap® for years now …

“Been using Tooth Soap® for years now, and haven’t had to go the dentist for six years. Very good!” ~ Matt Haggett, Shrewsbury, UK


Tooth Soap® can help remove coffee stains, and helps to keep our teeth looking great!

"We love Tooth Soap®. It can help remove coffee stains, and helps to keep our teeth looking great!" ~ Doris G., Ketchikan, AK