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Glowing skin after the shower is yours and nothing is left at the bottom of the tub afterwards except for skin that didn’t belong there. This Baiden Mitt is incredible and I have yet to meet one person who has tried it and not loved it!

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If you are a Tooth Soap® user you are well aware that we are really strong on working “with” nature rather than “against” it. The only ingredients that make it into Tooth Soap® are the ones that respect bodie’s own abilities to repair itself given the right environment. That is exactly what we strive towards with our product – creating the right environment for the body to do its job well.

Recently I came across a product which does exactly the same thing, but – for the skin. It is named Baiden Mitten and what it does, is to exfoliate your skin down to the very deepest level where the new, fresh, clear, baby skin lives. That is basically it ☺

For years I have avoided chemical exfoliants, for obvious reasons. So I am beyond thrilled to have discovered this amazing new and non-toxic product!

Baiden delivers exfoliation so deep that you can actually see the dead skin rolling off your body and you can feel the skin beginning to breathe once free of the constricting dead skin armour. It does not claim to “improve on nature” by adding some ingredients to the exfoliation process with names which you cannot even pronounce nor microbeads which are basically ground up plastic which pollutes our waterways in the most horrific ways. In fact, all it needs to do its work is some clean, warm water. It works by mechanically lifting off all the grime and the dead skin cells.

Here is the video of the actual exfoliation process. It is quite disturbing really to see all this stuff coming off your body, but also fascinating. ☺

The glove has been featured in places like XOJane, Refinery29 and Elvis Duran Morning show as well as on many blogs where it has been called “legendary” and “magical”.

This level of exfoliation produces marked improvements in many skin conditions such as dry skin, Keratosis Pilaris, crapey skin, acne, acne scars, wrinkles, ash skin and uneven skin tone amongst others.

It gives you not only immediate effects of a much more glowing skin, but also a long term benefits of dramatically slowing the aging process, tightening the skin and giving you a mini facelift by stimulating the skin to produce more collagen.

If you care about appearance of your skin, then you really, really need to own one of these gloves. I refuse to shower without it!


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