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9x Roasted Bamboo Salt 4 oz


Good, clean salt is so important, it is almost a superfood. I am super excited to bring this bamboo salt to you, for your good health and happiness. Packed in a reusable 4 ounce, glass, corked bottle.



A new salt for the world

Manufacturing with Himalayan crystal salt, exclusively, has been my thing for years, because I knew how contaminated sea salt was. And this was before the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

When I was contacted by my partners in Korea about ‘bamboo salt’, I was intrigued, to say the least.

The process of purifying bamboo salt is intense! It goes through the fire, literally, nine times. What is left is pure salt, loaded with minerals. This salt is so dense in minerals that it is used to combat tooth decay in Korea. I am told the children eat bamboo salt on a spoon, like candy. Oh, if I could only get the children in America to eat bamboo salt instead of candy!

Imagine what that would do? No more obesity, sickness, diabetes, heart disease and more. Sugar can eventually lead to dis-ease in the body, but the right salt can facilitate healing. Good, clean salt is so important, it is almost a super food. I am super excited to bring this bamboo salt to you, for your good health and happiness.

What is bamboo salt?

Bamboo salt is a health salt made using Korean Sun-dried Sea Salt from the Yellow Sea coast of Korea. To make bamboo salt, first, cut joints of bamboo are filled with sea salt, and then the ends of the pole are sealed with clay.

The bamboo poles filled with sea salt and sealed with clay are then put on the fire, an iron kiln, made with pine. As a result, the bamboo is incinerated into ashes and a salt pillar remains. The salt pillar is shattered, and the process is repeated 8 more times and the 9th time, using resin as a material, the salt is melted into liquid by heating it to 1,300`C. When the liquid cools off, it hardens like a rock. This bamboo salt and can be crushed into flour or grains. It can be used cooking or by dissolving the grains with your saliva.

This processing method of salt was published by Kim, ll-hoon (1909-1992) in the Daehan Pictorial from November 1971 to July 1972 in a series. The method of producing bamboo salt was introduced to the public in his book “The Universe and God’s Medicine”.

The following are emails sent to me from my partner Kang, in Korea. He updates me frequently on the uses and benefits of 9X Roasted Bamboo Salt. This information is for entertainment purposes only, and I do not make any claims about Bamboo Salt or any products listed here at the site. Please consult your doctor before dieting or fasting.


Dear Ms. Gabriala,

How are you?  I hope your business is going well.

Last week, I went to a Buddist temple in order to participate in 6 days warm water & bamboo salt fasting program. This program was organized by very old buddist monk who had fasting many times during his entire life.  Generally, In Korea there are many buddist monks who do fasting in order to maximize the power of meditation. 30 peopels from age 17 to 63 years old were participated in this program and around 50% of them had experienced fasting before. In this program, all of the people finished the 6 days fasting without any physical difficulties and some of them made their mind to try 21 day fasting.

The Buddist monk instructs us to drink water (water must be warm) up to 4 liter and intake around 10g of bamboo salt per day. Swallowing powder type salt and drink it with warm water or dissolving the salt in warm water and drinking it frequently in a day.  However, actually I could not drink 4 liter of warm water in a day. 4 liter was too much for me so that I drank about 2 liter per day. I heard that there are many experienced peopels who do 21 days fasting without any difficulties.  So, I will try 21 days fasting by the end of this year.

If you are interested in this kind of fasting, I hope you try 2-3 days fasting by yourself for test purpose. You can lose your weight and your health will be much better. This fasting is excellent for detoxification and health promotion.

Best Regards,



Dear  Ms. Gabriala, 

After dissolving about 1g of powder type salt in warm mineral water(250ml) and drink it 1-3 times daily is very good for health. One of our AU customer who use 9BS bamboo salt for both health and culinary purpose informs me that she is using (http://www.enagic.com/watertheory.php) Kangen water. She says that she adds 9BS to Kangen water to increase the already very high ORP (up to -800). She says that Kangen water and 9BS is the perfect combination. Consequently, try to use Kangen water if possible for your health. We think the therapeutic efficacy of 9BS dissoved Kangen water will be very powerful for various kinds of diseases and health promotion.

ORP (check page 79,80, 81 of Bamboo salt is science ) 

Best Regards,



Note from Gabriala: I happen to own a Kangen water machine and will be trying this myself! If you would like to purchase a machine, let me know.

Dear Ms. Gabriala, 

There are many benefits of barefoot walking on the earth. But, the most important benefit is that people can remove static electricity stored in the body which cause many types of diseases.  Japanese Dr. Hori Yasnori said that people need to eat natural sea salt when they walk on the earth with barefoot. Because the minerals of salt neutralize the static electricity.

He also mentioned that barefoot walking is also good for the people who are worry about hair loss. Consequently, we think intake bamboo salt and walk on the earth with barefoot will be very good for health since the therapeutic efficacy of bamboo salt is more powerful than sea salt. 

We inform you that we do not work from Sep. 6 to 10 due to Korean thanks giving holiday.

Best Regards, 


Note from Gabriala: Did you read that part about hair loss? Awesome! 🙂