Periodontal Disease Related to Cancer


The studies keep showing what we already know about problems in the mouth and cancer. Everything is connected.

“Severe gum disease not only may increase the risk for cancer, including lung and colorectal cancer but also may increase the likelihood of dying of the disease, particularly pancreatic cancer, suggest results from two large-scale studies from the United States and from Finland.

…Severe periodontitis was associated with a 24% increased risk for cancer, with the highest risks seen for lung cancer and colorectal cancer.” READ MORE…

Prevention and early diagnosis of periodontitis is the key. That means getting a good professional cleaning if you have old tartar under the gums. It means brushing regularly with an effective cleanser with gentle bug busting action (like Tooth Soap®).

Prevention also means getting the right foods into your body regularly so your immune system has a real, fighting chance to defend your body against unwanted invaders. And it especially means taking excellent care of your teeth and gums by using an effective tooth and gum cleanser like Tooth Soap®!