Oral Bacteria in Colon Cancer


Fusobacterium nucleatum is an anaerobic oral bacteria and is the most common one found in the mouth of both healthy and not so healthy people.

This bacteria is not common in the gut, but it has been found to be present in up to half of all colon cancer tumors.

Researchers are not sure how the bacteria are connected to cancer, but they know the connection between inflammation and cancer and that is one possible explanation.

Now that this bacteria has been linked to cancer, researchers are considering (yet another) antibiotic.

We don’t need another antibiotic in my humble opinion.

Every body is unique and different with an individual history, but a whole foods diet high in raw vegetables, fruits and superfoods strengthens the immune system. Whole food nutrition gives your body a fighting chance.

And bacteria and viruses are destroyed by small amounts of soap in water. That is why brushing with pure Tooth Soap® is helpful with a gentle, natural, disinfecting action.

Science heads can read the article about Fusobacterium nucleatum and colon cancer tumors here or click this link: