NEW! Tooth Brights™ Non-Scents with Activated Charcoal!


I know how much you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tooth Brights™, but I also know how much you love your homeopathic natural remedies, so now you can enjoy them both!

Tooth Brights™ Non-Scents is FREE from essential oils or flavorings, leaving you with the most pure brushing experience ever.

I have been enjoying Tooth Brights™ Non-Scents myself for weeks. It is quite the tasty and refreshing experience!

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  1. Hi Gabriala:
    Love the Tooth Brights Non-Scents with Activated Charcoa.! I have 2 questions: How often do you recommend this product should be used? It has gotten quite this in the bottle–should I dilute it and if so how do you recommend that I do that?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Linda, you can use the Tooth Brights™ daily if you like. It is super gentle like the other products. Is the Tooth Brights™ too thick to get out of the bottle? I don’t like doing this, but I have actually added a bit of water to my Tooth Soap® to get it out. Incredibly, I run out of Tooth Soap® all the time, even though I am surrounded by it at the factory! I always forget to bring some more home, then I get desperate and add water. 🙂