I have to steer clear of the FDA and FTC, so you won’t find me making any medical claims on this site or in my videos about any of my natural and organic products.

But I must encourage you to do a quick web search on Dragon’s Blood, “Croton lechleri”, and you will discover the wonders of one of the Creator’s natural rainforest medicines.

I couldn’t wait to formulate with this raw ingredient when I discovered it. My mind was swimming with numerous applications, and Tooth Soap® was first in line (stay tuned for more!).

Dragon’s blood is amazing in the mouth, so if you need support for your gums, you must try my new Dragon’s Blood Tooth Soap® Liquid! It has a slight, almost not there, very pleasant medicinal taste. Croton lechleri is a truly fantastic raw ingredient. There is batch of cold process, raw Dragon’s Blood bar soap curing right now. Stop back in a few weeks! 

I am so excited to have sourced the purest, raw, Dragon’s Blood on the planet. Tooth Soap® Dragon’s Blood Liquid in Plain Jane and Cinnamon is now available.

Use coupon code DRAGONB to take $10 off these two fantabulous new oral care products that I know you are going to love.

Plain Jane is best for those using homeopathic ingredients and CINNAMON is awesome for those that need SUPER GUM SUPPORT.

Enjoy beautiful people!

– Gabriala

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