Facebook Banned My Ad on the Neurotoxin Flu-oride


FB is a business with an agenda like all others. Just like I call the shots at ToothSoap.com and have the right to refuse service to anyone, so too, FB can refuse to serve up my ads when I mention the “F” word (flu-oride).

I determine the toxicity of ingredients before I formulate our oral care products and FB considers what they determine is toxicity for their network when formulating their algorithms. The difference is that the customers who shop at ToothSoap.com solely want non-toxic and flu-oride free products. That is what they want and that is what they get.

But not every user on FB is down with mainstream poisoning protocols. There is a population of freedom fighters here. That is where FB fails as a business (it is not always about money in my opinion). If my customers wanted me to add flu-oride to Tooth Soap® (like the dentists do) and I refused, I would be out of business. But that is not the case. My people want no part of flu-ori-dation and haven’t wanted it in 15 years. Many others are being informed and are making a choice to ditch the neurotoxin “F” word for good. That being the case, they are excited, elated and thrilled to see the post on the flu-oride lawsuit. So I DISAGREE that the post was negative for the end user. It was positive experience for the 7K+ fans of the Tooth Soap® Official fan page and was also shared more than any other post.

Fortunately for FB, a majority of their network is following along with worldly protocols without any thought or question. Keep in mind that FB “tantalizes” its users with dopamine releasing “LIKES”. Social media affects the brain in the same way that a hug does.

Cuddle up everyone. FB is here to love you!

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